Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Field of Ice

This ice storm has been good for me. First of all, it made Jesse stay home with us for two whole days. It was good to spend time with her. After work yesterday, she immediately headed to Lindsay’s house. I have to admit I wanted to go with her to see Lindsay and her family – much more exciting than my house, but I gave her some space and let her go alone. When she got home last night, she said her bum was sore from sliding on the ice. No, she did not fall. Like two little kids, she and Lindsay went out and played in the ice. It reminded me of a couple of other winter storms here in OK.

When we moved here from NM, we gave away our sleds – and we had some great ones (one was a baby’s sled that was made to place small children in and pull behind you. It was little and pink, but man-o-man could it fly down a snow-packed hill.) I think it was the second year we were here that we had a big winter storm that dropped several inches of snow and caused quite a problem here in OK. Jesse found something to use as a sled and took it over to the tank dam (pond or lake for those who do not understand "tank"). She proceeded to sled down the backside of the dam which was pretty steep. When asked how it went, she replied, "I was good. I went dam fast, and it was dam scary."

A few years later, she was babysitting the Boyer kids (five boys and 3 girls) after a pretty good snow. She came home covered in mud. I was horrified. She said they had taken sleds to the tank dam again. It was great until the snow melted (as it does in OK) so they continued to sled on the red clay. Great!

This latest winter storm produced much ice and very little snow. I took these pictures yesterday. Our pasture looked like a field of glass.


Buck Pennington said...

The pics are great! It's good that you had some sun after the storm to reflect off the ice -- makes for nice pics! The power lines in the background of the lower picture are shimmering, too...didn't that make you worry a bit? But...OTOH, no use worrying about that which you cannot control...

Bec said...

"A field of glass"
Beautiful description of a beautiful photo, Lou! I can imagine it safely from our So Cal cottage (which isn't warm today, by any means, but...). And after those years in Wyoming, I can almost feel that icy air. After that experience, one can better understand fairy tales about the beautiful but scary iciness of the Snow Queen!

Buck says,
no use worrying about that which you cannot control...
Very true! But it's part of human nature to be vigilant, I suppose. It's often hard to find that balance, isn't it?
Your photos were beautiful, too, Buck. :)