Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ranch Hand, Artist, Grandma...

It looks like I get play super-grandma this week. This afternoon, I am going to The City to stay with the Grand Babies. I will be back on Friday evening. There is supposed to be a big ice storm coming in sometime on Friday. It could happen, but then weathermen tend to exaggerate. Did you know that my cousin JP Matney was a weatherman?

Yesterday, not only did I have my art class; I also got to play ranch hand. We have three horses, plus we are boarding two of the neighbor’s horses. The neighbor’s horses have little respect for fences. They broke down a wire fence and came up to the house to look through some feed sacks in the garbage cans. It is a good thing they did not find the unopened feed sacks. I would have had a difficult time getting them back in their pasture. As it happened, I filled a bucket with feed and walked them back to their pasture. One of the neighbor’s horses is a real pain in the bottom. He ran my two mares all over the pasture – everywhere but where I wanted them to go. When I finally got them all in the right pasture, I did some fence mending (women’s work). By the time I got back to the house those sorry horses were back at the same fence leaning on it again. This time I decided to play Anne Oakley. I took my bebe gun and shot the neighbor’s horse several times to get him to back off the fence. He ran, bucked, and farted. You know, it was fun to shoot him in the backside – I could get used to that. It was all for naught; he kept coming back to the fence as soon as I left. I ended up getting another sack of feed and luring them into another pasture, and then doing some more fence work. With the four-wheeler broke down, I had to lug that sack fuarther than I wanted.

After all of my ranch hand work, I switched hats and had art class. It was my beginner class, which always keeps me hopping. We worked on drawing from grids. And what did we draw? Horses!

See you Friday.


Buck Pennington said...

Be safe and have a good time, Lou!

Becky said...

Have a great time with the Grandbabies!