Monday, January 08, 2007

Social Weekend

My social life was in full swing this weekend. It started with quilting on Friday. The ladies from our church make a wedding ring quilt for each young couple who gets married. We have two couples from our church getting married soon. I think our last wedding was last year so it has been awhile since we quilted. When the ladies get together to make a quilt, we all bring a covered dish and eat lunch. There is just much visiting and catching up while we work – great fun. I won’t bore you with how much work goes into one of these quilts, but I was one tired puppy on Friday after cutting, piecing, and sewing all day. Toby took me to town for dinner. We were going to see a movie, but the one I wanted to see was not showing any longer. It gave us some time to just visit and catch up.

Saturday, Toby and I worked on the barn. It was a bit cold and windy, but we made progress on the barn. Saturday night, we had a party for Toby and several other folks who have the same birthday. Since two of our friends were turning fifty also, we had a "Hawaii Five O" party. Everyone dressed in his or her Hawaiian shirts. It was kind of funny - I went from wearing long underwear under heavy shirts while working on the barn to wearing beach clothes that night. We passed out cheap leis and made the birthday folk wear black leis. Mostly, we just visited and ate lots of good food, but we also played a trivia game. How long did "Hawaii Five O" run? When the show was syndicated, what name did the re-runs run under? How tall was Jack Lord? What words did Steve McGarrett use on every show that became his trademark? What was the last name of the character, Danny? What kind of car did they drive? There were lots more questions, Toby and I scored ten points, which was pretty high for a bunch of old fogies. We had our Ventures CD playing in the background. What was the name of the theme song?

Sunday was church as usual, but that afternoon, I attended a baby shower. Baby showers are pretty common in our church, but I love getting to socialize while the proud parents open gifts. Soon we will have a shower for Sophie. Although, Sunday was actually Toby’s birthday, he did not go to the shower to socialize. He stretched out on the couch with his faithful hound and watched football.

Since it was Toby’s birthday, I thought I would share some things that Toby said this weekend. Toby does not talk much. When I get him talking about politics and such, well, it is amazing. On the subject of immigration, he said we need immigration, we need the workforce, we need them to pay taxes and support social security, but it needs to be legal. Toby also said something about hanging Moqtada al-Sadr from a bridge and letting the military do what they needed to do (I thought you would like that, Buck). I was ranting about Nancy Pelosi saying "the voters made it real clear" that they want our military out of Iraq. I told Toby that I did not think that was what the voters said at all. Personally, I think the voters want congress to work together to get thing done. They want people who will do what they said they would do. Toby agreed and then added, "The people don’t want us to cut and run, but they want to win…Like when you have a football coach who has had several losing seasons. It is a sure bet that he will be fired, and they will find someone who will change things and win." Then he added, "But I am just a boy from West Texas. What do I know?"


Buck Pennington said...

When I get him talking about politics and such, well, it is amazing.

And I agree with everything Toby's saying, too. Especially about winning. I think Pelosi and Reid are watching their steps pretty carefully, early on.

I wouldn't have done so well on your trivia game, not knowing the answer to a single question...unless "Book 'em, Danno!" is an answer. One reason is I spent most of my life during that time (when Five-Oh was running) without a TV. Life was certainly different, and maybe a lot better, then!

Bag Blog said...

"Book 'em Danno!" is correct. Did you know that the show actually ran from 1968 to 1980? I remember very little about the show. I must have been busy during those years.

Laurie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. My brothers and I are planning a surprise party for my mom's 80th. All I remember about Hawaii Five Oh was the theme song and "Book 'em, Danno". I remember watching it, but I must not have watched it every week.

Becky said...

I don't think I ever watched Five-Oh. Or at least I didn't pay attention to it. I was a little young--3 when it started--but I do remember the theme song and the big wave in the opening credits. We just weren't into that type of show in my family, though my mother loved McMillian and Wife.