Sunday, January 14, 2007

We are still iced in here in OK. Yesterday, we stayed in the house watching the playoff games and doing crafts. Toby ventured outside to feed the horses and walk to the mailbox. He said the paved road had a thick layer of ice on it. This morning he fed the horses again and is now working on starting the tractor so that he can deliver a round bale of hay to them. I am not sure they are worth the effort, but I do love Goldie.

Good news! My cousin, Janet, is doing much better in the hospital in Denver. She is off her ventilator and venting on her own:) I talked to her last night. She was mad because her father would not go out in Denver and find her a certain brand of jerky. He told her she could eat hospital food. She was also mad because her cell phone had been in his suitcase and not given to her immediately. Uncle Joe is 79 years old. All of this made me laugh. Janet is herself again, which is much like her father. Both are tougher 'n nails. She may get to come home from the hospital by next week.

Buck posted an excerpt from a new miliblog. Acute Politics is well worth the read. Jesse says he is "cute" too. Laurie at Soldiers Angels NY has posted the need for more angels. I would think that if troop numbers go up, that will mean more angels will be needed. Jesse recently signed up and has a soldier of her own now. If you are interested, check out Soldiers Angels.

I can hear the snow thunder as I write. Have a good day.

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Buck Pennington said...

It's the same here, too. Ice fog and 24 degrees, forecasted high of 34 but I doubt if we see it. Ice all over everything. Sheesh, but it's been a weird winter.