Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cold Valentine

At ten o’clock in the morning, I left the house and headed to Wal-Mart. The outside temperature was 24. That is just pretty cold for Oklahoma. If I had not needed to go to the grocery store, I would probably have stayed home and snuggled up with a book and some coffee. Even when we lived in NM with snow six months out of the year and some really cold temps, I did not like getting out when it was that cold. Maybe the high and dry NM air was not usually so cold, but still, I was always a fair weather skier. Although yesterday was clear, it stayed cold all day. About 6:00 PM, it started snowing. I am really looking forward to March.

Sometime last week, I bought the card that played “Wild Thing” for Toby’s Valentine gift. Later, I saw the TV ad where a lady in one cubicle sends a card to a guy in another cubicle. When he opens it, it plays “Wild Thing”. They both stand up and look at each other over their cubes, but so does everyone in the office. I thought it was pretty funny, but did not know if I could pull off something like that. After buying the card, I put it away and pretty much forgot about it until yesterday morning. I had not signed the card, so I could not open it and sign it without the music playing and Toby hearing it. I had to wait until he left for work and figure out a way to get it to him later in the day. We planned on having lunch together – maybe I could just give it to him in the restaurant. When I went to pick him up for lunch, I saw one of our friends who works with Toby and asked him to be my accomplice. He took the card and put it in Toby’s office while we were off having lunch. After lunch, I dropped Toby back at his office and headed home. I did not get far when he called. “How did you get the card in my office? How did you pull this off?” He said that when he opened the card the music started, and he slammed it shut. I refused to tell him who had helped me get the card in his office, but I asked him to go to Tucker’s cube and play the card. Ah, the light went on for Toby. Tucker will do anything for a good joke. I saw Tucker at church last night, he was still laughing and said that anytime I wanted to play a joke on Toby, just let him know.

In the meantime, Jesse went to lunch with three male coworkers (and admirers). She gave each one of her “dandies” (as Lindsay calls them) one of her Valentine pictures. Poor guys! Jesse likes each one, but none are causing any bells to ring. Someday, when the right guy comes along, things will be very interesting - even more than they are now


inpassing said...

I wonder how red Toby's red-haired and freckles complexion turned when he opened the card!?!

Buck Pennington said...

Dang! I've not seen the ad you mention, Lou, and I wish I had... I DO know the song, however (who doesn't?), so I can imagine the situation.

Good one!

Becky said...

That was too funny! I can just imagine Toby's reaction. That commercial is one of my favorites. I laugh every time I see it!