Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mothers and Daughters

The weather here in OK has not been okay. It has been downright cold. Yesterday, it warmed up some, but it was rainy. Today the wind is gusting out of the north and it is expected to be even colder tomorrow. Yeha. February teases you with spring then slams you with winter.

I went to WF yesterday to see Mom. She seems to be doing well, and we had a good time. Her life is busy with her Red Hat ladies, AARP group, and church. She has made new friends and renewed old friendships. It fills her time and she seems to be enjoying herself. I am really glad Mom is having fun. I enjoy her friends and hearing her stories about them. Sometimes she repeats stories, but that is okay. I just assume she has forgotten when she talked to me last and what she has told me before. But sometimes she repeats things that makes me wonder if it is some sort of Freudian way of telling me something that she wants me to know (as only a mother can do). Several times now, she has told me that the exercise she takes is really helping to tone her body – it is not just that she lost 20 pounds, but the exercise that is making a difference – she does not even have to watch what she eats because the exercise has been so helpful. Why does she tell me this over and over? Is this her way of telling me that I need to exercise more? Maybe, maybe not, but I find it irritating. I am really not stupid – just fat.

Several times Mom mentioned her church – The First Baptist Church in WF. She has told me many times that she does not like the pastor, but that he is an excellent speaker. Twice yesterday, she has told me that Dad did not like to give his money to the FBC because he did not approve of what they did with the money (bigger and better buildings). He always gave his money to organizations like Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch and other programs that helped people – or he helped people on his own. In fact, Mom and Dad never went to FBC in all the years we were growing up – it has only been since Dad died that Mom has been going there. I am not sure why she mentioned the tithing thing twice. Maybe she wanted my opinion on what she should do with her tithe, but I did not give it because I thought I would make her angry. Here is my thought on the subject: If you do not approve of what your church does with the money you give, why are you going to that church?

Gosh, I have a lot of my dad in me.


Laurie said...

Ah, tithing, that very misunderstood act of worship. I agree, you should tithe where you go. How else do they keep the place open unless the members tithe?

Bag Blog said...

I think tithing is important - a command to be obeyed. But if you think your church spends the money foolishly, why would you go to that church?

OPB said...

Well I like the picture of Toby in yesterday's blog. Nice Forehead.