Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Movin' into the Fast Lane

Okay, I got in a bit of trouble for posting another "Valentine's Day" picture, but let's face it, they are just fun. I thought Lindsay was not reading my blog lately, but she caught me posting the pictures - get over it. You know you love to see your picture on the net :) I guess I will have to post grand-baby pictures instead - at least until Valentine's Day.

I had so much more free time yesterday - this could be hard on my diet. I read through most of my favorite blogs in record time. I found and played Zuma, which I had not done in over a year. I read through several newspaper headlines and even worked a crossword puzzle. Man, it felt good. And I still had time to set up and have my art class. I went to Boggs site and found a video from some embedded reporter type person that Boggs thinks we should support. Yeha! Here was a chance to see if I could see a video in real time. The video worked great, but I would not recommend anyone else watch the video. I was a bit appalled at the language. Being a military video, I was not surprised at the use of foul language, but I was just put off by so much of it. I don't think I am a prude or anything, and an occasional cuss word has its place - sometimes it is even necessary to make a point, but this was ridiculous. The video opened with two military guys in Iraq talking about what people say to them when they are home. Every other word was the F-word. I am not exaggerating - every other word! Personally, I don't care for the F-word, but used in just the right scenario, it can be perfect. The F-word is like a slap in the face. One use and you feel slapped; several uses and you feel beat up. Overuse of the word just shows lack of intelligence - make one wonder if the person using the word is LEP (limited English proficient) or has a real lack of imagination. In other words, don't bother watching the video unless you want to be beat up. I did not make it through the whole video, and it did not make me want to see any of the other videos on the site. Too bad, because it had an interesting message about today's generation. I doubt I will support this reporter.

Later, I moved on to Buck's blog. He had a couple of videos to watch. I watched the first one with real interest and was fascinated. The second one that Buck linked to, well, I fell asleep. Like talking about insurance or futures, my eyes glazed over, my hair became blonder, and I took a short nap before art. But it thrills me that I can watch videos now. Maybe I will learn to post them!

So far, I am really enjoying this new faster internet. Who knows what I may learn!

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Buck Pennington said...

Every other word was the F-word.

A (sad) fact of life in the military, especially in the enlisted ranks, but officers fall into it, as well. I know this to be true from personal experience, obviously, but also from SN2's language, which brings home the truth to the old saw "swears like a sailor."

It was much, much worse back in the day...and by that I mean before the military opened up most job codes to females. It has since improved, but only slightly. And I've heard military women use words that made me blush...quite literally.

I've cleaned up my language by an order of magnitude since I left the military. And that's a good thing!

I sure do envy you your fast connection, Lou. You have NO idea how long it took me to watch those vids you referenced. Oh, wait. Yes...yes, you DO "have an idea!"