Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President's Day

Because my son works for the State of OK, he had yesterday off, and I got to spend more time with the grand-babies. I took GBN1 to Wal-Mart with me. She chattered the whole time riding in the basket. She rearranged the groceries several times and was a big help when it came time to put them on the check-out counter. She told the clerk that we were going to find Crewcraw (her name for Toby) and have lunch. While driving to Halliburton to find Crewcraw, she said, "I pick my nose." Me - "Oh, do you have a booger?" GBN1 - "Yeah. I got it. Here it is." She held up her little finger for me to see. Me - "Great." When I told her mother about this conversation, she said that GBN1 had recently discovered boogers when she had a cold and seemed quite fascinated.

After lunch with both grand-babies, their parents, Jesse, and Toby, everyone went their separate ways. Toby and Jesse went back to work since Halliburton did not have a holiday. The grand-babies went back to The City, and I went home to deposit the groceries and do a few things around the house including a nap since I now have the cold that GBN1 had a week ago. Later in the afternoon, I treated myself to some fun by going to quilt on the latest wedding ring quilt that our church ladies are making. My good friend, Janice, was there - so the time was extra fun catching up on each other's lives. Janice is Lindsay's mom, so you know how much fun she is. She keeps me grounded and encouraged in any struggles I have. She is a very good friend, and I wish we had more time together. Here is a picture of Janice and me taken several years ago at a tea for the young ladies and their mothers. We all wore silly hats and enjoyed an old fashioned tea party. Janice and I posed for the picture as if we were gossiping old biddies - hmm, none of which is true:)

For a good laugh check out the video that Buck put on his blog today. It made me lol.


Buck Pennington said...

What a great pic!! That captures the gossip thingie perfectly, LOL!

And...thanks for the link!

Laurie said...

Great pic, I love it :)