Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big Wednesday

I made a trip to Lawton this morning to have some work done on my Toyota. The wipers have not worked since our last snow storm a month or so ago. Last week the light on the air-conditioner started blinking and of course, did not work (you know you're in OK when you go from heater to air-conditioner so quickly). I was sure to call first and make an appointment with the dealership before I drove to Lawton. It all went really well. I was in by 8:15 and out by 9:45. My Toyota has over a hundred and twelve thousand miles, and this was the first time anything has gone wrong with it. I love my little salsa red car.

As I came back through Duncan, I thought I might have lunch with my friend Janice. Toby was in a workshop and would not be free at lunch. Unfortunately, Janice was in a workshop too. I called Jesse and forced her to have lunch with me. She complained about having eaten out every day this week (oh boo-hoo), and was not planning on eating out again. "I am buying" was all the persuasion she needed. As it turns out, her coworkers were having lunch together for Andy's last day in the office (one of her dandies). She said she had not wanted to go with them - I was a good excuse. After lunch, one of her coworkers accidentally called my phone (instead of Jesse's) to razz Jes about not going to lunch with the gang. I explained their mistake in getting Jesse's mom instead of Jes - they were very nice. When I got off of the phone, I laughed thinking how disappointed the guys were not to have had Jesse at their lunch. And I was tickled that it was me that she had lunch with.

I took a big dog nap when I got home from Lawton and lunch. If I don't get things done in the morning, I am pretty worthless in the afternoon. Yep, I am a morning person. There is a new commercial for McDonald's coffee where one guy is a morning person, but everyone else is not. That is me - the obnoxious morning person. I did not have my coffee at Mickey D's, but I did stop at Starbuck's in Lawton.

The cat is home. She roams from time to time. This time she came home pregnant. Anyone wanting tail-less, tabby gray kittens let me know. Felina, the cat, looks ready to explode. Who would have thought we would have a cat for so long. Usually, they are coyote food within a year or two. I am not heartless. It is just the way it is for country cats. Cats come and cats go. We have had Felina for several years now. She comes in and sleeps all day on Jesse's bed and goes out at night. She puts up with GBN1 fairly well. Although, last time she was here, GBN1 did say, "Cat eat me." and was holding her wrist where the cat had probably bitten her a little - just a warning - one that said, "I am really fat and pregnant, and I am not putting up with your rough-housing."

Oh, by the way, while I was in Lawton, I went by Hobby Lobby. Imagine that!


Buck Pennington said...

Yep, I am a morning person.

Key question: Is Toby?

I'm a morning person,'s the best time of day. Unfortunately, TSMP was not! She tried to fake it for a few months when we first lived together and then came clean. Things were awfully quiet in the morning until after her first cup was gone... WELL after...

MMMMmmm...Starbucks!!! :-)

Bag Blog said...

Toby is a morning person - Thank God. Jesse said that she and Lindsay were up every morning by 6:00am while in Mexico. Toby asked her, "Why?" She answered, "Because the sun was up." He said, "You are like your mother when she is on vacation."