Monday, March 12, 2007

I'ts the Router

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I had a good day. After our new internet provider sent Cory to fix my satellite dish first thing Friday morning, the computer still did not work right. I called Cory immediately. He said he would talk to his boss, and get back with me. He did not call back, but I eventually got him on the line. He was still not very helpful other than to say the dish was working, and he did not know what the problem was. I was able to get Travis online (chat through hotmail) to help me out. Travis is Ernie’s son. If Ernie is a computer doctor, Travis is a computer surgeon. He figured out that the problem was in the router to my Netgear. If I unplug the router and use Jesse’s computer, I have no problems. Toby worked on the router some Sunday afternoon. I am not sure if it will work or not – this is all a trial.
Birthday Weekend :
Friday Lindsay, Janice, Jesse and I had lunch at a funky little place in downtown Duncan. Friday night, Toby took me to dinner and a movie. We did not have a lot of time to go eat, but I’m easy. My favorite is a greasy hamburger, so we went to Sonic. Toby parked the truck where we were overlooking Duncan traffic. He is so romantic. It reminded me of when we were first married and had very little money. One of our favorite dates was to head out to Pinky’s on The Strip in Lubbock. We would buy barbeque chicken livers and cold beer and then set in the car eating and watching the odd folks come and go on The Strip.
After my greasy burger and onion rings, we went to see "Ghost Rider" with Nicholas Cage. It was comic book type movie – to ridiculous to be true, but it was fun. The motorcycles and stunts were fun. I happen to like Nicholas Cage, and I love Sam Elliot. I was surprised that Sam was in the movie. Peter Fonda played a great devil. Eva Mendes could not act her way out of a closet, but she was very much like a comic book character – too beautiful to be real. Over all, it was a fun movie, but nothing to write home about.
Saturday was just beautiful here in OK. It was the first day that the weather was warm and the wind did not blow 30 mph. It was the first pleasant Saturday that we have had. Unfortunately, Toby had whatever I had last week. He just did not feel well. It was really frustrating for him because he wanted to work on his barn. My mom and friend showed up with about 30 hibiscus plants she wanted us to plant here at the house. They needed to be put in the ground. There was Toby already frustrated by being sick, wanting to work on his barn, company shows up, and plants need to be planted. He was mad. Then he became the martyr. Jesse and I were just trying to keep the peace. I kept thinking that if Bo would just show up, he could take Toby to the barn to work and Jesse and I could plant the hibiscus where ever heck we wanted to plant them. When Bo did finally show up, he had done something to his back that morning and was in too much pain to do anything. Good grief! Have you ever felt like just getting in the car and driving away?
Toby finally reconciled to the fact that he was not going to get much work done because he was too sick. The plants could wait. We could work on the barn as he felt like it. After feeding the crowd fajitas, everyone was in a better mood. GBN1 was especially enjoyable. She ran and played and kept us entertained. She was fascinated by ladybugs. GBN2 was especially sweet – she is beginning to smile at you and make cooing noises. Jesse took some new pictures. All was well. It rained all day Sunday, but that is a good thing. We need the moisture and Toby needed the rest.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

OK i have a couple issues with this...namely,

1) watch the punctuation in the title, it made my tongue stumble and i thought way too long about why we punctuate anyway, well, save periods, commas, exclamation points and question marks, everything else is just superfluous, and somewhat distractive...oh and that one too.

2) Dontcha (notice no punctuation) just love it when you as the customer has to initiate every contact, or re-contact. Happened to me with a highly respected, service oriented company. In the end they pulled their heads out of their collective anal cavity and did the right thing. Sorry about the horrible pun in the previous line. I also noticed i that i used parenthesis, i like those too.

3. Well said, Travis is a surgeon. We should give them both some kind of "official" plaque with those designations highlighting their intrinsic abilities. Uh oh, i just used " ", i hate that.

4. Define "funky". I personally think all restaurants in Duncan are funky. Yet the term also can muster particular fondness for the modifiee. Of course, lunch with those four would tend toward the nostalgic form of the word. How despicable, i just used " " again.

5. Ahhh Sonic, the romance, the ambiance, the dulcet tones of Duncan traffic, the, the, Did you get tots or rings?

6. Save the livers, just give me the beer. I wonder, would the bigger catfish here in our beloved state be more gratuitous for BBQ chicken livers?

7. Eva Mendes is like those velvet Elvis-type paintings that are sold on raized gas station lots, they really are useless, you would never want to take one home, but you just can't seem to NOT look at them. I spy a hyphen.

8. Speaking of work around the Lazy B, how's Bo's golf course coming?

OK, in retrospect, punctuation is a necessary evil, i still think apostrophe's (see you cant even spell the word without one- its a conspiracy) are... in fact, from this day on i will call them Eva Mendes's.

Buck Pennington said...

The weekend sounds like a mixed bag to me, Lou! GBN2 sure is cute!! It's a great good thing when kids start interacting with you, ain't it?

Speaking of beer and drive-ins...Do you know if Texas ever changed its open container law, or enacted a law against open containers? It's SO un-PC these days I can't help but think the powers-that-be changed that.

TFNP - re: apostrophes. I read somewhere that an apostrophe's sole purpose in life is to announce the imminent appearance of an "S" in a word. At least that's so for the majority of folks...

Bag Blog said...

t1)Punctation - I hate wondering if I punctuated correctly! But you gotta have it. And I like startng a sentence with a contraction - dashes do it for me too. I just toss punctuation around like an old football. Just have some fun with it. Make it mean what ever you want it to mean.

4)Funky - Fun, a little different than the usual Duncan dive. We ate at the Merchant next to the theater. They serve popcorn instead of chips - I needed the chips.

5)Toby had tots. I had rings. We did share.

6) The chicken livers are actually fried, but you dip them in barbeque sauce. I hate cooking them - much better to eat them out somewhere - like Wright's.


8)About like the barn - nada

Buck, "Mixed bag" is spot-on. I do have exceptional grandchildren. It pays to marry well. Tomorrow pics of GBN1

Becky said...

i still think apostrophe's (see you cant even spell the word without one- its a conspiracy) are...

I should think that if you are going to be bold enough criticise someone else's use of apostropies, you would at least make sure your own use of them correct.

The grandbaby is adorable!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Apparently, not only are there varied uses of the apostrophe mark itself (i aced the little quiz on owl.english.purdue) but also are multiple spellings of said punctuation i.e. apostrophy's, apostropies, apostrophes, oh and the obvious,'s all so wicked hard sometimes. I propose we all get together at the Lazy B and watch "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader" that way we can admit in one accord "I am not smarter than a fifth grader."

Bag Blog said...

The apostrophy is a confusing mark with it's plural roles (pun intended). I would think the use of "apostrophe's" as used in The Piper's last paragraph shows possession, but what does it possess? Come on over to the Lazy B and we will drink a beer and mull it over.

Buck Pennington said...

Come on over to the Lazy B and we will drink a beer and mull it over.

Dang, but that sounds like a capital idea!! (or would that be "capitol?") (it's capital, jes kiddin')

I saw TFNP's apostrophe error yesterday but, unlike some people I know, didn't call it. :-)

Misuse of apostrophes is probably one of, if not THE, most common errors in written English. And I learned my grammar and punctuation at the feet of one of the BEST copy editors in the bid'niz. This woman was my very first proposal manager/editor at EDS, and she was a merciless task master who later went on to become a corporate VP. Pretty good for an English major...

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