Friday, March 02, 2007


I really hate it when things do not work right. A friend once said, "Without the right tools, it is just work." With the right tools, work becomes fun. When you have the right tools, things should go smoothly, but right now, nothing is working right. It is enough to make a preacher cuss.

Although I was able to post a test yesterday, I am still not able to upload pictures. Posting the test seems to have been a lucky fluke. Sometimes I am able to post and sometimes not. Sometimes I can comment on someone’s blog; sometimes not. What is up with that? Jesse and I cannot check our hotmail or My Space accounts. We get a "page cannot be displayed" message. This morning, I used my old computer with my old dial-up to post my Painting of the Week. I checked email accounts – it all took a while, but it worked. I had to use the scanner instead of my camera to post my painting because the camera’s battery is down. I cannot find the right connections to recharge the battery. I used my memory stick to move things from one computer to another. And yes, I managed to make things work, but what a pain. When I have a brand new computer with high speed satellite internet, why do I have to resort to such methods? Maybe if I was just a little more computer savvy I could make things work, but right now, I think I could throw that dish pretty far.

It also seems that my family is in a contest of wills. Not only are we all waiting on the other to figure out the computer problems, we are waiting to see who can let the trash pile the highest before having to take it out. Toby and Jes have gone to work, and I doubt I can stack the trash any higher. Sigh, I guess I lose again.


Laurie said...

It is weird that you can get to some sites but not others. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that is blocking it?

Laurie said...

I found a forum you can search to see if these problems have been addressed, or you can ask:
click here

Buck Pennington said...

I got frustrated last evening, as well. I tried to post a comment on your "test" post, but could not. That problem where the word verification picture absolutely REFUSES to display came back again. I tried everything I know, including rebooting my computer, all to no avail. The other strange thing is I was able to comment on other Blogger blogs, but not yours. Not to add to your paranoia, or anything... :-)

The word verification picture is displaying as I type. Let's hope it works.

Great painting this week, as usual! Has anyone ever told you you're GOOD, Lou?

Bag Blog said...

I am paranoid enough as it is. I feel like what ever I touch gets sick right now. I spent some time with the tech folks and have some answers, but not my problem is not solved. They are sending out someone next week to reset my dish. I'll post more on it later, but thanks for the support. As far as the word verification, who knows?