Friday, April 13, 2007

Painting of the Week

Fire up the airplane for this one. This painting is a little different in that it is an acrylic on 5x7 canvas. Oil would have been nice, but it just takes so long to dry.

The surprise birthday party that I went to yesterday was indeed a surprise. The guest of honor arrived before the guests not knowing about the party, but was pleased as her friends showed up to honor her with a party. The food was excellent and the fellowship even better. Although it took up a large portion of my day, it was well worth the time.

Now, I need to get moving to get us packed to leave this afternoon for Austin area. My nephew won his semi-final soccer game yesterday and will be playing Saturday for the state championship. Jesse and Lindsay decided they just could not miss the party and are now coming to Austin with us. I am glad they are coming with us, but it presents new problems of who will take care of my zoo while I am gone. And it makes a little more work for me today. But hey, it will be a good time in the Hill Country. All of my immediate family will be there. I may can blog from Toby's laptop while I am in Houston, but maybe not. We will just have to wait and see. I have my ticket to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Yeha.


Buck Pennington said...

I have my ticket to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Yeha.

No kidding: YeHa!! I'm excited for you!

I was thinking about Houston last evening as I was looking at the calendar, wondering where the trip was gonna fit in. Next week is heavy with UPS deliveries (and the vagaries of when stuff actually ships) that I have to stay home for, the following week I have a dentist appointment, the following week is the show's last week and I don't want to be among the hordes of put-it-off-to-the-last-minute people. Did that a couple of years ago at an exhibition in Albuquerque and it was miserable...huge crowds and pushy docents "ensuring" people moved right along: no lingering allowed. I think I'll reschedule my dental appointment.

Congrats to your nephew. "Going to State" is a big, BIG deal! And a great time for family gatherings...

I hope you can blog from Houston... I'd LOVE to read your initial impressions while they're fresh.

re: This week's painting...Italy? Whereabouts? It goes without saying that the painting is beautiful. I enjoy being able to see your technique "up close and personal" in the photos.

Bag Blog said...

"Seeing my technique up close and personal" is often an artlesson for me. When I walk by my painting while it is sitting on the easel, I think, "looks okay, complete, all good." Then on the photo/computer, you can see every little nook and cranny, and I think, "Gee, that needs more paint and a touch up and..." Standing back from a painting is much better. I took some students to an art exhibit in Norman one time when the crowd was huge. If you stood back to view the paintings, people jumped in front of you and blocked your view. If you stood up close, which is good to see technique, people behind you complained that "that was no way to view the paintings." The lesson here - avoid crowds.

Becky said...

Beautiful painting. It looks awfully familiar though, like an Italian landscape. Maybe the Amalfi coast.

Yeha! Good for you! I'm counting down the days until I can go to the Brooks Museum in Memphis. Just over a months now...

I also hope you can blog in Houston. I want to hear all about your trip.

inpassing said...