Monday, April 02, 2007

Pictures Galore

These are pictures from this last weekend when the girls went to Dallas for the Dallas FC vs. Brazil soccer game. The girls stayed with my cousin Pam, who is way cool and lots of fun. That is her in the old truck that belongs to her husband. The girls got a big kick out of driving the truck to Starbucks. Jesse said it was "three on the tree!" Hmm, that brings back lots of memories. In high school my grandfather gave me his old truck - it was a 63' Chevy, three on the tree, and a heck of a lot of fun. The girls had a blast at Pam's, and they liked the soccer game, too. Hey Buck, girls on a vehicle - just like our parent's old photos.


inpassing said...

Either that's Jess in the truck or your cousin and Jess look an awful lot a like.

Thanks for lunch yesterday. Wish we could have chatted more, but I'm sure it's nice to have the ill-mannered horses out of your hair.

I did converse though. It went somthing like this..."Come here, Lizzie", "I think this one may be poopy", and "Quick, get another burp rag". Aaaahhhh...the sweet pleasures of being a grandmother. Wouldn't trade it for all the riches in the world!!

Bag Blog said...

The pictures include Jesse, Lindsay, Reagan (Lindsay's little sister) whom most of you all know. In one photo of the truck there are four people - that other person is my cousin.

Buck Pennington said...

Gol-eeee! Real American Beauties!! Are ALL the women in your family/circle of friends so lovely, Lou?

Looks like the weather cooperated in Big D... and also looks like the Dallas real estate environment hasn't changed since last I spent any time there. By that I mean the houses are placed closer together than any other city I've ever been in (those SFO row houses excepted). When I worked for EDS TSMP threatened me with divorce (no pun intended) if I ever got transferred to corporate HQ in Plano. My stock response was "don't worry, I'd quit before living there..." My opinion hasn't changed all that much with the passage of time, either. :-)

Bag Blog said...

My cousin actually lives in Frisco. I have another cousin in Plano and one in Rockwall - same house - same neighborhood. It amazes me that people live like that. My house could fit in their attic space. I want to live where my dogs can bark and not bother anyone, and I can walk outside in my nightgown and no one will see me. I want to park old cars in my drive-way and let my horse graze down the front lawn. What an Okie I am!

Thanks, they are beauties are't they! The pictured cousin has two daughters who are both beautiful. I guess I do have some good looking relatives and friends.

Laurie said...

Great pics! I agree, a good looking bunch.