Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The girl
We have always had to work to keep Jesse reeled in. She has a tendency to be very independent and a bit headstrong. I don’t know where she got those qualities, because Toby and I both still have our independent, stubborn streaks. We often call her a “goin’ Jesse” or “Wheel”. She wants to have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes the Scion away. While Bo was always willing to stay right with us, Jesse seemed to be constantly wondering off - like when she was three and decided to go to the restroom by herself in a huge department store when we lived down on the TexMex border. If some of you are saying, “But Jesse is almost 25 years old now. She can do whatever she wants.” well we are of the mind that parenting is a forever job and guidance and protection are good things. We give her quite a bit of line to run with because we trust her judgment and know she is a good fish. She gets to do most everything she wants, but she still needs to communicate her plans with us. Most of the time she is pretty good about telling us what is going on in her life, but sometimes she is not. Last night we got home from church quite late. We knew that she and Lindsay had been talking about two vacations this summer - one to NY and one to CA, but we have never been in on the particulars. Jes chose last night to announce that she and Lindsay had set the dates of their trips. Then she went to bed leaving Toby to ask, “Why did she bring that up now? What the heck is going on?” This morning we were able to quiz her a little more and explain that we needed more details and more communication. She gave us a little more info and then said, “By the way, Lindsay and I are sky-diving next week.” Ah, she cracks me up, but she was not joking.

Beautiful Feet
Yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure - something I have never done before. It was quite lovely and my toes look very nice. I asked Toby if he noticed anything new and just got the “duh” look. When I asked him if my beautiful toes were a turn on, I got the look again. He just could not fathom my reasoning to get a pedicure or why I would want to do it again. It was actually very entertaining as well as pleasing. The other ladies getting pedicures were a real treat. There was an older lady in the chair (which massages your back while your feet are soaking in the spa) next to me. Then another older lady came in. She had bleach blond hair with one of those wiglets stuck on the back of her head - very 70’s. She was helped into the massage chair by the little oriental girls. Then she hollered, “Why is their water blue? I want blue water too!” The lady next to me said, “Hode on Sister! Your water will be blue soon .“ Okies tend to drop their L’s and call each other sister. I find that rather fascinating. The wiglet lady proceeded to have a conversation with another lady in the salon - a rather loud conversation where they discussed their physical ailments. Apparently the wiglet lady has some sort of skin disease which makes her skin red and blotchy and sensitive to heat. I wondered what the pedicurist working on her thought - yikes! Lindsay has a story about getting a pedicure in the same shop. She said the lady next to her nearly came flying out of the massage chair. Then another lady said, “Better leave that remote alone. That chair will buck you out!” Going to the nail salon was almost as entertaining as going to an airport. People are so interesting.

It is time to give away kittens. They are everywhere and into everything including the cat food bowl. The mother cat is leaving them more often. In fact, she went out this morning. When she wants in, she taps on my bedroom window (by the comuter). When I heard her tapping, I turned to see her sitting there with a mouse in her mouth. No way was she coming in with a mouse. The rat she brought in one time was more than I want to do again. I think I have most of them given away, but this weekend at the barn raising, I plan on passing out kittens as door prizes.

Old Posts
I had to read through some old posts - July, August, September of 2005 to find the rat story. You know, my earlier blogging was much better than my present posts. Most of my stories were really funny especially due to Jesse. Her great adventures do keep things hopping.


Buck Pennington said...

The rat story is definitely a keeper!! ;-)

But about this pedicure thingie...

I asked Toby if he noticed anything new and just got the “duh” look. When I asked him if my beautiful toes were a turn on, I got the look again.

Is the "duh" look sorta like the "hunh?" look? Coz that's the reaction you woulda got from me... As in, "this does not compute..."

Bag Blog said...

You know I have worked on that man for thirty years to give the right answer, and instead I got the "does not compute" look. Anytime a woman says, "Does this turn you on?" there should be a positive answer.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Three beautiful creme brulees later and another in the oven, the Queen rarely has to ASK, "does this turn you on?" "The look" only comes as an ELK in the headlights when i see that little + sign on the stick. You know, come to think of it...i just sent her to a spa in the City not too long ago...must've been the "Thankyou"...

Becky said...

That rat story was great!

I know what you mean about older posts. It seems my blog used to be much more interesting. Nowadays, I even bore myself.

Buck Pennington said...

Anytime a woman says, "Does this turn you on?" there should be a positive answer.

I originally thought "Jeeze, I'm not gonna go THERE!" But... there just might be exceptions. Like, if the statement is punctuated with a raised eyebrow. Or if you subsitute "this" with "that," as in..."Does THAT turn you on?" And if you get the raised eyebrow in conjunction with "that..." Watch out!!

Just sayin'. :-)