Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Email from Jim

My cousin sent this short email to his parents - thought I would share it with you:

I was in a meeting w/ 2 x senators and 1 congresswoman yesterday, but no cameras. Great stuff. Col Ali told them, "I know your American democracy was paid for by the blood of your patriots...What do you want? Should our democracy be paid for without blood?" They were speachless. It was a great conversation. He had Senators Smith and Hatch, along with Congresswoman Harmon on the edges of their seats for about 25 minutes. They asked him all sorts of questions about Iraq and our strategy, etc. It was truly amazing. At the end he said, "Please, don't leave my people in the desert without water..." Enough said...you could have heard a pin drop.
Lov you guys!


Buck Pennington said...

Wow... a lot has happened at The Lazy B while I've been galivanting all over the countryside these past few days!! Cool pics (good on Jesse!) and everyone seems to be having great fun, as usual. But cricket, as in British cricket, in Oklahoma? Who'd a thunk it? :-)

I see you got Site Meter installed as well, Lou... I assume the installation was easy and straight-forward? Is it proving useful to you?

Bag Blog said...

Yep, British Cricket - Halliburton has lots of employees from different parts of the world that bring new things to Duncan.

The site meter was very easy. I am still working on figuring out who is reading my blog, but it is very interesting. I like it when I get odd hits from odd places - like Canada. Most of my visitors just seem to be from Oklahoma.

Buck Pennington said...

re: Cricket...as I said before, "who'd a thunk it?" I never did "get" that game, even after trying for three years while TSMP and I lived in London. The rules are complex, and to a Yankee's eyes, bizarre. And then the terminology still makes me laugh...

Site Meter is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread, ain't it? I love looking at the world map and thinking "Gee...someone in China/Iran/Argentina just read my scribblings." Too cool!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Halliburton has lots of employees from different parts of the world that bring new things to Duncan."

Unfortunately, Duncan is still bassackwards enough not to cater (and i use "cater" for a reason) to the world market of its largest employer. Its shameful. I still think that MamaLou and i should team up and write a critique for the area...ummmm, can i use the term 'restaurants'? I'm sure no one would want to pick us up, the local fishwrap seems to think that they wouldn't want to lose their advertising support should we casually infer that their food inhales deeply, let alone the service standards. I mean, how hard is it to get, "Yes, i would like 2 Happy Meals, both chicken, both with white milk, and fries. I'll take a #5, and a Dr. Pepper." Maybe that's it, perhaps i should just present my order in writing every time? Providing they can decipher my coded language in "#5". Is there a way to write slowly, i already thought i talked that way. END RANT.

By the way MamaLou, nice post. Good luck to Jim actually getting the message to STICK with those wonderful elected officials. Apparently, seeing and hearing but not understanding and believing go beyond the spiritual realm.