Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Intentions

Please be patient with me as I work through some things. As you know (or maybe you don’t know and I only thought you did) that in the past I have written and been concerned about the content of my blog. On the one hand, my blog is a personal journal, but on the other hand it contains info on other people besides myself. It was never the intention of my blog to hurt, embarrass, or offend anyone, and yet, it seems that I have done just that. Now, I have to pull back and rethink where I want this blog to go. What is my purpose?

As a journal, I tell stories in my blog of my everyday life. Those stories can be humorous, sad, thought provoking, or boring. I have had the view that if it happened, it is blog-able. If it does not hurt anyone other than myself, it is okay. If you know me, then you will love me and understand. If you do not know me, you will probably not read my blog anyway. But I have been wrong. What we do and say does affect others. My purpose was never to cause someone to stumble. It makes me physically ill to think that I may have done that. And I am truly sorry for that.

I am having different thoughts on what to do now. I have learned in the past that anytime I have the urge to cut and run, I probably need to stand and fight or at least continue on until things are worked out. When someone gives criticism or rebuke, it is wise to look for the truth in it, learn from it, repent, and move forward. Sometimes, there is more to it than that, and you have to sort through the tangle of emotions keeping what is good and true and discarding what is evil and false with patience and bearing with one another in all things.

Yesterday, Toby and I drove to Lawton. It was a time of inward thinking on my part and discussing my thoughts with Toby. We had two kittens to give away to one of Toby’s coworkers, and he had directions to their house - west down this highway one mile pass the barbecue sign and one mile south, red brick house on the left with large tree in the front yard. Just as I was thinking “Maybe I won’t blog anymore,” Toby did the funniest thing, and I thought, “I want to blog that for sure.” We pulled into the yard and he said that he was to leave the kittens, who were in a pet taxi, under the big tree in the shade because no one would be home. He set the taxi down under the tree and then stood there a minute looking around as if making sure all was as it was suppose to be. I was watching all of this from the truck. Then the front door of the house opened and an elderly man stepped out. I saw Toby say something to him. The man said something back and pointed south. Toby turned and looked and shook his head as to say “okay”. Then I realized what was going on. I started laughing. When Toby turned to pick up the kittens and get back in the truck, he was laughing too. We were at the wrong house. We were dumping two kittens on some stranger’s doorstep - not a bad idea, but then again…

Isn’t that a funny story? Isn’t that blog-able? No one was hurt by that story (well maybe Toby). Yet, there were other happenings on the trip that I would have liked to share.I know that some of my readers would find them amusing, but what if just one of my readers was offended? It might not be something that would offend me - maybe I can eat the meat of idols, but maybe someone cannot. I have to stop and think about it. And is the thinking worth it?


Buck Pennington said...
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Becky said...

mvlxyLou, I have never seen anything you've posted on your blog to be offensive or hurtful. Anyone offended by anything you have said would have to be awfully thin skinned indeed. Your blog is your own, to be written in as YOU see fit.

Please don't stop blogging. I would miss you if you did.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Becky. It is friends like you that will keep me blogging - I would just hate to give you up or give up on blogging.