Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Jesse has a new camera. Here is a pic of her and GBN1 which they took themselves. I love the looks of concentration on their faces. The second is a pic of the barn raising. Take note of all the pants tucked into boots. That is not an just an Okie thing - it has been raining here for weeks, and it is a bit muddy. When it has not been raining, the humidity levels have been off the chart. And my hair has been fuzzy. Saturday was the first really sunny, hot day - noticed the brightness of the sun on the metal of the barn. There were several sunburned men at church yesterday. Jay made a comment to yesterday's post that was very nice and gave a little more info on the barn raising.
Mother's Day was pleasant. Jesse gave me the movie, "El Diablo" which is one of my all time favorites. She also gave me a kiddie swimming pool which is really more for GBN1 and herself. After church, Jesse wanted to take me to Ardmore to eat at Polo's which is really fantastic Mexican food. Bo and Sara did not go with us. GBN1 cried when I left her at church saying, "Please Booboo, please" It nearly broke my heart to leave her behind. I wanted to take her with us (my one disappointment on MD). Later that evening after stuffing ourselves and taking a big dog nap, Toby and I made the rounds delivering junk and tools to people who left things at the barn raising. While returning saw horses, the Fortney's decided to give us a puppy. Not just any puppy, but a full blood Great Dane puppy. How do you turn that down? We brought the puppy back to Jesse who took it as her own (thank goodness). It slept in her room last night, and she is working on finding a great name for a great Dane. At this very moment the puppy is at my feet sleeping on a rug because it can't seem to walk on our tile floor. I would take a picture of her, but my camera is dead. It is a bit overwhelming. And yet...I am a little thrilled. I see more big dog naps in our future.

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