Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Camera

Jesse has a new camera - better to record her grand adventures. She took these pictures a week or so ago when TFNP was here with his family. The first picture is of my son and his wife. She is wearing the pretty dress that he bought her for her birthday and the one she wore while moving the ladder for him at the barn - see she looks really nice. Notice the goose in the bottom of the picture.

The second picture is typical Jesse taking a picture of herself and GBN2 - both are beautiful.

The third picture is of the three princesses playing in the sand where we are building a patchwork patio.

The last picture is the one that concerns me. Back behind our house there are some saw-horses and boards that we use as scaffolding when working on the house. The picture is of GBN1 climbing the boards which are propped up like a seesaw and could be dangerous since it would be quite a drop to the ground. It leads me to believe that Jesse must have her feet on the long end of the seesaw so that GBN1 does not go flying. I am afraid we have a third generation daredevil on our hands being aided by the 2nd generation daredevil.

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