Thursday, May 17, 2007

Puppy Love

Okay, this puppy has us wrapped around her huge paw. She is very much a people dog wanting to be with someone all the time. Here she is on a blanket by my feet as I work at the computer. She follows me around all day getting under my feet (but learning better). She likes to be held and be the center of attention. She likes sleeping on the couch or bed, but a soft rug will do. We still do not have a name for her, but she is taking over our house. Ranger, the spoiled rat terrier, is not sure about his feelings for her. Maybe if he ignores her, she will go away. Nope, she is just going to get bigger. Her puppy potty training is going well - she is a very smart dog. In the past, I have always been the trainer, but this dog is Jesse's. She sleeps in Jesse's room and Jesse tends to her. I feel a bit like the grandmother dog - babysitting during the day while the mama dog goes to work. She is beginning to chew on things, although we try to provide her with chew toys and old knotted socks. I worry that she could chew the corner of the coffe table or the leg of a chair because she is going to be so big. Fortunately, she is responding to discipline well. She is so gangly that she keeps us laughing. She did pretty good hopping down the porch steps until she got to the last one. In one big jump, her feet came out from under her and she landed in a splat. This morning, she was pestering me on the bed - biting at my pen and calendar and such. I had gotten on to her several times and she was being silly backing up across the bed. Before I could catch her she went off the other side and hit the floor. She came limping around the bed so very pitiful that I had to pick her up. She promptly fell asleep in my lap. She is just a big baby. She needs a name.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

My vote: Chimay

Laurie said...

Awwww, how adorable!