Thursday, May 03, 2007


I snapped this picture of Toby this morning when he showed me his new "leathers". It was rather a quick picture rather than make him crazy while I fiddled with the camera - that is why it is so dark. He only bought the jacket, but still looks like a motorcycle man (or superhero). Jesse and I both appropriately oohed and aahed over him and told him how cool he was. I was amazed at how heavy the mesh jacket was - and the padding was pretty awesome too. I think he should get the bottoms too. He asked Jesse if her dandies (all the guys have bikes) wore bottoms (I said they had better wear bottoms!). But Jesse said her guys do not wear bottoms, but all have tall boots. Last weekend she went to a bike race where one of the guys was participating. She thought it was cool. I'm tellin' ya it's that wild a$$ thing.

Last week on the morning I left for for Kerrville, Toby came home at lunch to get our trailer and pick up some more metal for the barn. In that few hours, our new neighbors were robbed. Someone hitched up to their trailer and took their trailer, 4-wheeler, lawn mower, a pet taxi full of puppies and some other stuff. It turns out that same morning a stranger showed up at our preacher's house where Reggie's government 4-wheeler was parked on a trailer in their drive way. Apparently the thief thought no one was home and was planning on taking the trailer and 4-wheeler. He rang the doorbell and Pam answered the door surprising the thief who then asked for directions to Duncan (very lame). He backed out of the long driveway (so Pam could not get his license number) and then went in the opposite direction of Duncan. I guess I am going to have to start locking my house - maybe take the keys out of the vehicles. Since the barn is not finished, we have all sorts of things in the carport for the taking. So far, no one has bothered with us. Does that say something about our junk?

On May 12th, we are having a barn skinning. One of the men at church announced that would be a work day at our place to get the metal put on the barn. Yeha! Soon we will be able to lock up all our junk. I plan on fixin' a big lunch for anyone who shows up to work. It could be a party!

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Buck Pennington said...

I think he should get the bottoms too.

Concur...whole-heartedly. You may never need them, but if you DO...they'll save a lot of skin and associated pain. Just sayin'.

Lookin' good, btw!!