Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday was my son's 28th birthday. We managed to call him while driving home from our vacation to wish him a happy birthday. Hopefully, we can celebrate this next weekend. We were just babies ourselves when Bo was born in San Marcos, TX, where we were going to college and living in the married housing. This picture was taken in Red River soon after Bo's first birthday. We were at the 4th of July tennis tournament. Bo was such a little tuff guy with that mop of blond hair and his big baby blue eyes. That is me sitting in the background in the yellow and white shorts. I don't know who took the picture.
Today would have been my dad's 79th birthday. The second picture was taken the same summer at the 4th of July parade in RR. That is my dad, Bo, and my dog, Randy. The photo was taken with an old instant Polaroid camera - you can see how it has aged. This is one of my all time favorite photos. Dad used to grow his beard out in the summers - he was so cool. The good folks at the RR town hall made June 11th "Otto Barker Family Day" in honor of my dad and all the joy he brought to RR through the years.
I'll write more about our latest vacation later, but we came home sooner than we expected. My mom became ill while we were in RR. After a trip to the emergency room in Taos on Sunday morning, we felt it important to just get her home. So, we loaded her up and drove home Sunday afternoon. She is feeling much better now. I missed getting to see some friends in RR and the trip to Lubbock, but I'm am glad that Mom is okay now. More later.


Buck Pennington said...

You have such great photos, Lou. I'm SO envious! Perhaps I'll retrieve what's left of the photo archives from SN2 this summer and buy a scanner. You're motivating me.

Bag Blog said...

Motivation is a good thing - I think this vacation motivated me somewhat. But then, I get home and the weather is hot and humid and I seem to just melt.

Becky said...

Let me motivate you both to back up your photos to disc as soon as you get them scanned. I spent nearly two weeks scanning some 400 pictures of my time in Italy, and lost them all in April when my computer came too close to a bit of lightning. I still have them in hard copy, but now, I've got to scan all over again.

Buck Pennington said...

Becky says: Let me motivate you both to back up your photos to disc as soon as you get them scanned.

I haven't scanned any pics yet, but I have back-ups of my back-ups for all my digital pics!