Monday, July 16, 2007

The Weekend

It was pretty warm here this weekend and the humidity was high. Still, we have not had the temps we normally have this time of year. It hardly seems like mid-July. I can live with it. After church and lunch with the family, I drove Toby to Lawton to pick up a rental car. He then drove to Houston. He will be there for the next few days before flying out to Kazakhstan for the next three weeks. We spent most of the weekend getting him packed up and ready for the trip. Readiness included a lesson on how to use the camera and setting up a hotmail account so that we could chat while he is away. We had a trial run on the chatting - another lesson involved. I made him carry a backpack on the plane although he really did not want anything extra to carry around besides his computer. But he needed someplace to put his snacks, books, extra underwear...all the things a wife/mother deemed important. And he will need the extra luggage space to bring home presents for said wife.

Jesse and her coworkers played volleyball yesterday evening. I mostly watched, but I did get to play some - enough to make me sore today. Jes and her friends were lots of fun. Bo and family showed up and played some too. Gosh, it is going to be great to have Bo living here.

If I have not mentioned it before, Bo and his family are moving to Duncan in August. He is going to work for a CPA firm and is going back to school to pick up more accounting classes. Economists are just not in as much demand as accountants. Bo has a Masters in Ag Econ, but not enough accounting hours to land the big jobs. The CPA firm is owned by a good friend who will work well with Bo. School has always been Bo;s thing - so I know he will fly through the accounting classes easily. They have found a little house that is just pretty cute and just right for his little family. I am just pretty excited about this move.

I think I will head to WF today to check on Mom.


Buck Pennington said...

Three weeks in Kazakhstan? Wow. WOW! You're gonna have to post Toby's impressions, Lou.

OTOH...I know what business trips are like. Or what they usually are like...One bad meal after another and the hotel rooms are pretty much the same. If the Kazakhs are anything like my Russian hosts were, Toby should have some "cultural opportunities." Unless, of course, all the Halliburton folks in Kazakhstan are US people. Somehow I kinda doubt that, tho.

Val word: "beqzj" Kinda Kazakh-like, no?

Becky said...

I, too want to hear Toby's impressions of Kazakhstan. I've never been on any business trips, but I have had my luggage lost by the airline. I know the wisdom of packing a change of clothes and the basic toiletries in my carry-on.

Bag Blog said...

Toby is fairly adventureous. If he can get away from the job and hotel, he will check out the culture. He is the type to find the market place and search for local foods. In Italy he was a big hit with the Italian ladies in the office, who called him "Tobby" - I think because he was so interested in all things Italian. I will glady report on what he learns.

Beqzj to you too!