Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If the Name Fits...

TFNP has wonderful kids. I spent the day watching "Shark Tale" and coloring. I fixed mac and cheese with weenies for lunch, and the kids ate like it was gourmet cooking - easy keepers. They went down easily for a nap, and so did I. It was a good think that I rested because my next stop was Wal-Mart. If there is one place on this earth that can make a person crazy, it is Wally World. I only needed a few things, but I happen to buy some wine coolers. The young lady at the check-out was too young to check me out. So we all got to wait until some older manager-type person came and rang up my wine coolers and checked my ID. Now days at WM, before they hand over your receipt, they highlight any groceries that are not sacked. I had some dog food and a Diet Pepsi. Usually, no one pays much attention to you as you walk out with your groceries especially if you are carrying your receipt in your hand. But no, today after waiting for a while in the quick check-out line, I get stopped, and the lady says, "May I check your receipt?" The ornery person that I can be almost answered, "Nope!" It just makes me irritable to be treated like I stole dog food. When you read the next part of this post, you will be in agreement with me on my name.

Kris tagged me with this little name thing. Since my day has been rather slow, it was a good thing to post.

My name is: Lou Ella

LOU [Pronunciation - loo]
It means: Fame and War (I have seen it also as War Maiden)
Its origin: Germanic

ELLA [Pronunciation - El a]
It means: torch, bright
Its origin: Greek

I have always thought the Lou - war maiden - fit perfectly. The Ella part of my name reminds me of my grandmother, whom I was named after. She went by the full Lou Ella and it always seemed so lady-like and feminine on her.


Buck Pennington said...

Your names are interesting, Lou. I've seen a few Louellas in my time (all one word -- e.g., the giving-away-my-age Louella Parsons), but you're the first Lou Ella I've known.

Aside: I've been trying to post this comment for exactly one half hour. One complete system reboot and two modem reboots later and I MIGHT succeed. Maybe.

Looks like my day is off to a lousy start...

Bag Blog said...

Now that I think about it, my name is usually all one word. I kind of like it as two words.

I hope your day gets better.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Man, am I behind in my post reading!!!! Thanks for the props on the progeny, it requires daily beatings, hours in the stocks, and an occasional racking (which is why Princess #1 is getting so tall). I am thankful for our children, they are fantastic kids and honestly, they make it easy to be a parent. I know that it is the result of staying on top of them by the Queen and i but they are just good kids. The Prince may just end up eating a couch one of these days, if you put something in front of his mouth, it opens and is engulfed. Scary. A 1 year old eating everything in sight. Of course, it makes the chef in me feel good.