Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

The whirlwind blew through this morning - Jes is home. After some flight delays in NY and being routed through DC, she got home at 2:00AM. She was up by 6:30 this morning to get ready for work and gone by 7:30. I did not get any great adventure stories - yet. I snatched a few photos from her camera, but not all that I wanted. In fact, I did not even get to view all of them. I meant to get a pic from the Niagara photos, but she rushed me, and I only got two photos from the baseball game. They went to see the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday. Guess who they played. The Texas Rangers! Pretty funny! Although I have never been to a professional baseball game, it is on my list of things to do before I die. Jes brought me a Blue Jay's baseball as a souvenir. I'll wear it proudly.

One year, Toby was in Chicago on a business trip. The company he worked for (Allied Waste) had box seats to see the White Sox. Chicago, White Sox, third base box seats - I was so jealous. The next spring, I was able to go to Chicago with him. Wouldn't you know that was the year of the strike. A friend took me to see Oprah, but it was just not the same.

Jes said the trip home was pretty wild. They only had 20 minutes to change planes in DC. She said they were running through the airport, catching a shuttle, and snapping pictures of what monuments they could see - those ought to be interesting. When they went through security, they were pulled aside and scanned - Either they looked like serious threats or the guards like pretty girls. Jes said she pointed out the place where Jeff jumped over the railing. Have you heard that story?

The first time we flew into DC for my uncle's Ia Drang reunion, we had a friend pick us up at the airport. Our friend was USAF Captain Jeff Donnithorne whom I have blogged about many times. We were waiting on our luggage when I spotted Jeff. I pointed him out to Jesse who started towards him. He was on the other side of a railing when he spotted her. He neatly jumped the railing and gave her a big hug. I was watching from a short distance as was some girl next to me. She gave me a look and said, "Nice!" It was very impressive, but then that is Jeff for you. For those of you who wonder, Jeff and Jesse were just good friends. He is happily married now and training pilots in Florida. And Jesse is still setting a pretty high standard.


Buck Pennington said...

Jes brought me a Blue Jay's baseball as a souvenir. I'll wear it proudly.

I wanna see you wearing that baseball. Now that would be creative, depending on how and where... ;-)

Ah. Besbol. Not a big fan here, but I did go to a few Tigers games while living in Detroit, and I always watch the playoffs. Speaking of seats (as in Toby's company's box seats), Chuck, my next door neighbor in Detroit, was a little older than me and had been in the real estate biz all his life. The man had connections, to put it mildly. And some of his connections had great season tickets to various sports, including the Tigers (and Wings, of course). Chuck would pass tickets along to TSMP and I when he didn't feel like going or had other plans. One time we got four tickets to a Tigers game...three rows behind the on-deck circle. The seats were SO close to the action it was literally like being on the field. My buddy and I had a hard time watching the game because TSMP and my buddy's wife kept making lewd (and quite funny) comments about the players as they warmed up while on-deck. It was a great afternoon out. You can't beat baseball for that!

(But I still like hockey better.)

Verification word: smidzt. The sound a well-thrown fastball makes while flying through the air...

Bag Blog said...

I asked Jesse to bring me a hat, but I said "whatever" because I knew hats can be expensive. Jesse said, "I wasn't sure if you would wear the hat." So, I can wear the baseball?

See, that is why I want to go to a baseball game - drink beer and yell.