Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What you see, is what you get

It is funny what each person reads and notices in a blog. Sometimes I write something and think that it will get lots of feedback. Instead, nothing. Then when I am least expecting feedback, BAM! I get lots. I'm not complaining - just observing. On the "Mudder and Daughter" photo, Jesse is wearing her "Tail-hook" T-shirt. I showed a better photo of it last year here. It was a memento from my Las Vegas trip back in 1987, and I thought you might notice it. No one mentioned the license plate that Lindsay is pointing to - I liked it and so did she. Unkawill noticed my "large ankles" and got a kick out it. TFNP always pins me down on something - usually something I hoped everyone would skim over. Thanks, Jay. Keep me honest. Buck always finds something to say, and for that, I love him. Catherine finds the good in us all, and has something interesting to add of her own - she needs to blog too. Even on other's blogs, I love to see what each person commented on - all are different, but sometimes we follow the leader. I guess we all just think and see differently, but it keeps us all interesting.

I'm off to paint the kids' house. Heehaw!


Jo Castillo said...

Hi, It is interesting to see what we read and usually my reading starts a whole new idea and I go wandering. My blog goes wandering right along with me. :)

You are working hard, but I'm sure you are enjoying your family. Hope all goes well in LBB.


Laurie said...

LOL! I was just talking to Buck about a related topic the other day. I made a comment by e-mail to him about the *ahem* rather more than extra large women in the laundromat.

Buck Pennington said...

Sometimes I write something and think that it will get lots of feedback. Instead, nothing. Then when I am least expecting feedback, BAM! I get lots. I'm not complaining - just observing.

Wow...ain't that the truth! I have the EXACT same feelings...not daily, but often.

FWIW, I noticed Jess' shirt, and the license plate, yadda, yadda. As to why I didn't comment...dunno. I thought ever so briefly about commenting on the "Live Free or Die" controversy...but didn't. Once again: dunno why. But now I have... ;-)

Have fun painting today!

Shelly said...

I do notice that on longer posts when I get to the comment area I am usually focused on one issue and forget to comment on the rest. With me being new I'm just glad people comment..


Becky said...

I feel the exact same way! What I expect to get lots of comments on, nothing. Then other things I think are rather minor, I get quite a few.

As for commenting myself, sometimes I just can't think of anything that hasn't already been said. Other times, I enjoy the read, but just can't think of anything I should say. I always read you, though, and enjoy your blog very much.

Now, to go find that license plate picture...

catherine MacDermott said...

I often find the "title/theme" of the day to be a window into heart-message, Lou. Cause bottom line is, there IS an underlying message in each person's blog -- opening up opportunities to ignite a fire in each person who reads it. So...thanks, Lou, for inviting us to think about some interesting topics on a daily basis. The way I see it, most every one of us is pretty much hungry for this connection and kind of communication. I find it pretty sweet salve myself! :)

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I never knew about the license plates or the controversy. You know, I almost commented on your blog about the large women at the laundromat, but didn't. It would have been interesting to see what Laurie had to say.

Catherine, once again your insite into people is amazing and uplifting. I always look forward to your thoughts.

Becky, I hear you on why you don't always comment. And sometimes my view of things is so far off from everyone else's that I just stay quiet.

Shelly, longer posts are difficult to stay focused on. Sometimes, I get off chasing links and lose my train of thought. Of course, I can get up for coffee and forget what I was doing. You have fallen in with a good group of commentors here.