Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Worker B's

Today is Jesse's one year anniversary at Halliburton. This is the picture that I took of her that first day with her little lunch box. I should have taken a new picture this morning, but I'm a bad mother sometimes. Halliburton will have a little party for her today - she looked very nice as she went to work this morning. Congrats, Jesse!
While going back to find the picture of Jes, I also realized that I had passed another anniversary - I have been posting my "Paintings of the Week" for a year now - Aug. 11th was the first. Yeha! Or as GBN1 says, "heehaw!" I set out to post a painting a week for a year, and I did it. I think I will continue for now, but I may not be as diligent. I was worried about our upcoming trip to Canada - would I be able to post a photo as easily there - would I have the right equipment? I think I could manage. As of right now, it looks like we will go to Lubbock next weekend to check on Toby's mom. She has an angiogram on Monday morning. Toby wants to be there with her for that and find out the results. He thinks we will still go to Canada, but we will be a few days or a week later. That is okay with me. I was beginning to feel some pressure trying to get lots done for the trip - this will give me a little more time.
We are still working on B&S' new home. Last night Toby, Bo, and I were all in the bathroom working - I was scraping old wall-paper (there is a reason that I hate that stuff!) while Bo and Toby tore out old sheet-rock that had had tile at one time. Old homes are amazing with their many layers of decoration. When we pulled off the sheet-rock behind the sink, there were thousands of old razor blades. Bo was amazed - why were they there? I explained and showed him the slot in the medicine cabinet where generations of people disposed of razor blades through the slot thinking that no one would ever see them again - like razor blade heaven. It was a bit yucky. Working with Toby and Bo was lots of fun. Although it was work, it reminded me of the times we have worked together in the past. At one point, Bo was using a crow-bar to tear out the sheet-rock. About the time I said, "Careful, you are going to tear out the part that you want to keep." Bo said, "Oops! I already did." Then he gave me that silly Bo giggle which made me giggle. It reminded me of times past when Toby would yell instructions to us, we would look at each other and say, "What did he just say?" And then he would do the silly Bo giggle - usually we were in trouble already. Several times last night we did our Three Stooges (or maybe our Larry, Darryl and Darryl) impression - Sara came to check on us and noticed something in the floor. "Is that glass?" she asked. Toby bent down and picked it up, looked it over and said that it was metal. He handed it to Bo, who looked it over and handed it to me. I looked it over and said sure enough it was metal. Then we all got tickled. Sara just shook her head and said that she wished she had a camera because Toby and Bo were wearing their dust masks on their heads and looked like they were some sort of cone-head knock-offs. Maybe you had to be there, but it is really great that we can enjoy each other in the midst of dirty, hard work. Once again, I am very grateful to have S&B here in Duncan. Tonight, Jesse will join us. I hope Sara brings the camera.
Speaking of cameras - I took the Kazakhstan film to WM, but their machine that does that sort of film was down, and they had no idea when it would be fixed.


Shelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the support. I spent sometime on your site last night and looked at all your paintings. You are a truly inspirational painter. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Buck Pennington said...

My congrats to Jesse, too. Only 40 years or so until retirement! ;-)

And your one-year "Painting of the Week" anniversary is pretty significant, too, Lou ...in the sense of setting a goal and making it. And giving us readers our Friday Treat that I've come to look forward to.

I hear what you're saying about old homes and their "layers of decoration." TSMP and I owned a house in Detroit that was built in the late 20s, and you can't possibly imagine all the weirdness we uncovered in that house. But it was fun!

catherine MacDermott said...

Congrats to Jesse! Buck's right...1 down, only 39 more to go! :)

And I agree about the Friday treats with your wonderful "Painting of the Week!" I admire your talent and appreciate your sharing.

Loved the stories about the house renovation! Never heard about "razor blade heaven." Buck, would love to know what you found in the 1920s house. I was renovating a late 1800s cottage in Canada one summer and discovered blood stains on the walls. Just when I had decided some gruesome murder had happend there, I learned they often used blood of animals to stain the walls. Yuck!

Bag Blog said...

In an old cabin in RR, we found sawdust in between the walls used for insallation as well as newspapers dated in the 30's.

Geez, Catherine, blood on the walls? I think you win "the wierdest find in a house" award.

Buck Pennington said...

Lous said: Geez, Catherine, blood on the walls? I think you win "the wierdest find in a house" award.

Agreed! In spades! I was thinking more along the lines of "stupid owner tricks," like the wiring we discovered wrapped in masking tape...brittle, fall-apart, dangerous, fire-hazard, masking tape (as opposed to electrical tape)... That and the layers of simply bizarre colors previous owners had painted a room...ANY room. Oh yeah...and "found" magazines (in the walls!) from the '40s of the "men's" genre.