Saturday, September 01, 2007

Calgary Views

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. I know the photo of the man jogging with his kids is fuzzy, but he was moving faster than I was. All of these photos were taken at Prince's Island. Have you ever seen a black squirrel? There seems to be lots here. Toby and I are deciding this morning what we want to do today. Calgary Zoo or the Highland Games (men in kilts - USA vs. Canada). Eat your heart out, Jay!

Just something funny:
The Calgary news channel that we watch had a storyabout a teen-age boy who wanted to pull a prank on the opposing high-school football team/school (not sure where). He and his girlfriend printed out instructions and placed large black and white squares of paper on the stadium seats of the opposing school. The instructions said to raise their paper at the beginning of the 3rd quarter and it would spell out something like good like "go team". Instead, it spelled out "we suck". The prank worked like a charm. The news channel had the footage of the fans holding up their cards saying "we suck." Unfortunately, he and his girlfriend got in trouble. I thought it was very creative.


catherine said...


That's a really nice picture of you! it true what they say about men in kilts?@~@!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Jakers lass!! acarse its trrrue! Ar wee gumphies get cold jus like yers.