Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day Off

I'm posting this from my computer. After church, Lindsay and her young man friend came by. He is an IT person and worked on my puter. Hopefully, it is all fixed and better. You may have noticed that I took the day off. After getting up at 4:30 AM and taking allergy medicine, I stayed up until 6:00. I guess the drugs kicked in because I went back to bed and slept late - something odd for me. It was a good day except for the wind. We go to camp this weekend in the Wichita Mountains. I would like for the weather to be perfect. Do you remember last years camp and pictures? Last year Jesse and her friends made a sign for their tent that said "The Ritz". This year Jesse made a flag for the girl's tent after studying Navy flags - something about three (girls) and danger. She wanted to make the sign for "require pilot" but thought it not appropriate for church camp and difficult to explain if asked.

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