Thursday, October 18, 2007

Okies on the Beach

Okies get pretty excited when they see a beach and ocean. Can you imagine what California was like back in the Depression with all those crazy Okies running around? Jes and I are pretty excited about our weekend. We are mountain girls at heart, so the beach is a real treat. Oklahoma may have some pretty lakes, but the ones around us are pretty much big ponds. Going to the Gulf is big stuff for us Okies. We plan on touring the Lexington - something Jesse and I have always wanted to do. When Jes was little, she wanted to be a fighter pilot, but that is another story. Me, well my incident with the Navy Tailhook Association made me much more interested in Navy things. Toby, well he is a man, and they like anything mechanical. Both Jesse and Toby want to do some sailing - personally, I like for my feet to be able to touch the ground when I am in the water, but we will see. I will take lots of pictures. The picture posted is of Jesse and Lindsay in CA.


Buck Pennington said...

Hey...where's the stalker in that photo? Off to the right, out of view? Or is that him in the water?

I hear ya about the beach. My Dad moved us to SoCal when I was a junior in high school and I fell right into that beach-culture thing. Got ate up with it, as s'matter of fact. There's just something about standing on the edge of the water and seeing nothing but beach, stretching out in either way to infinity. Not to mention the girls. {sigh}

Have fun this weekend!

Jo Castillo said...

"Can you imagine what California was like back in the Depression with all those crazy Okies running around? ", well, that comment made me laugh out loud and Gene said what are you laughing at? I read it to him and he laughed, too.

Nice to smile.


Jenny said...

We went to Corpus and saw The Lexington this summer. Very cool. It will take a good afternoon or most the day to see it all. There are also lots of narrow and steep stairs (stairs isn't the correct term, I think. They are more like ladders than stairs. DO NOT attempt them with a bad sunburn on your sholders while carrying a heavy diaper bag and a 30 pound baby).

We also stayed in an RV park right on the beach in Port Aransas. Was very nice. Neat little town.