Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Mind of a Child

When I was a little girl, I remember hearing the weather man say that we would have “a patchy fog.” I remember wondering why they called it “Apache fog” - maybe because Indians used it for stealth fighting. Which reminds me of a friend of mine who sold real estate in NM - she showed us a particular piece of property in Taos years ago, saying that all the surrounding land was also for sale except for “a patch of Indian land.” In all seriousness I said, “Hmm why do you think there is Apache land in the midst of all these Taos Indians?” My friend looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Then she realized what I thought she had said and I realized what she had actually said and we both had a good laugh. So lately we have been having some Apache fog here in OK. It makes driving very interesting. This morning as I drove into Lawton, I got behind an idiot who was an accident waiting to happen. When I was finally able to pass (get away from) him, I did my best Italian impersonation - I honked, flashed my lights and waved my hands (something I would never normally do, but this guy had made me crazy). I may have even shouted, “What are you doing? Trying to kill us?” as if anyone could hear or cared. When I looked in my rear view mirror, I noticed the idiot did not even have his headlights on - yikes!

The fog burned off soon enough and all was well. I got my oil changed at the Toyota dealership and did some shopping for my NY trip. Some friends were also in Lawton, and we met for lunch which turned out to be a bit like a three ring circus. My friend has agreed to help several young ladies make an anniversary quilt for their mother which sounds very nice on the surface. But when have three girls agreed upon anything very quickly? My friend was very patient with the girls helping them to choose wisely and efficiently. One of the young ladies had her three boys (under the age of three) with her. They are great boys - very well behaved, but no one goes anywhere with three babies and gets there very fast. It just took a long time to choose material and then go eat - I was starving. I just reminded myself that I had no where I had to be and tried to chill and play with the boys. A margarita would have been nice with lunch.

After we separated from the younger part of the herd, things went a bit more smoothly. I had been looking for a new coat to wear in NY and I found one in Lawton. I tried it on for my friend and asked her if it made me look like the Stay Puff man. She said it did not. Then she added, “More like the Michelin Man!” We both guffawed! Nothing like shopping with a good friend. It really was a good day.

Here is a normal T-Day picture of the kid's table. It is funny how when we were kids we all looked forward to eating at "the big table." It never really happened, because as we got older there were still the same amount of people eating - we just had older kids at the kid's table. Jesse chose to eat with the kids this T-Day - someone had to do it, and she still looks like a kid. GBN1 discovered the candy in a cup on the shelf behind her. Tia Jes had to keep her from eating the candy - how do you explain that the pumpkin pie will be much better than a tootsie pop?


Buck Pennington said...

Three babies under three? Omigawd. I'm sure she's quite happy, but that sends chills down MY spine!

Bag Blog said...

The three babies are boys!

Becky said...

It could be worse. She could have 8 babies under three, like that family who had septuplets and a 2 1/2 year old.

Laurie said...

My boss is Italian and she talks very fast (and with her hands). One of the terms that is used to describe a certain measurement here is "peak to valley".... but when she is going really fast, I hear "Pizza Valley". I always thought it would be nice to go to Pizza Valley since I love pizza so much. There is something else she says that sounds like something funny, but I can't remember now what it is.