Sunday, November 18, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Friday night we had GBN1 spend the night with us. She slept with Tia Jes, which was something new and exciting. GBN1 apparently woke up about 2 AM to tell Jesse that she was not “sweepy at all.” At 3 AM, I heard Jesse and GBN1 get up and put the cat out, which Jes normally does before she goes to bed. I assume Jesse did not know the cat was in the house, but the cat was hiding from GBN1. Saturday morning when we were all having our coffee, I asked GBN1if she had put the cat out. GBN1 replied, “Yes, and I said, ‘Jes, what is that cat doing?’ and Aunt Jes said, ‘She is playing cards.’” I looked at Jesse and asked, “Did you tell her the cat was playing cards?” Jesse acknowledged her little story and thought the whole thing was very funny. It was very funny, but this is the second time Aunt Jesse has told something crazy to GBN1 and the story came back around through GBN1.

A little ways back, GBN1 went to the restroom during church with her mother. She told her mother not to go down "that" hall because there were “Jesus monsters” down there. Her mother explained that there were no monsters down the hall. GBN1 insisted that there were, because Aunt Jes said there were Jesus monsters. Sara, being a good mother, called Jesse out of church to question her about what she had told GBN1. Jesse laughed and thought the whole thing was funny, but had to fess up that the week before, when she had taken GBN1 to the restroom, GBN1 took off running down the hall. Jesse had not wanted to chase GBN1 down the hall, so she told her that there were monsters down that particular hall. Jesse never mentioned “Jesus monsters” - just monsters. GBN1 came up with the “Jesus” part on her own. I did lecture Jesse about scaring her niece with monster stories. I’m not sure what to do about the “cat playing cards” story. I do think it was funny, and especially so, because GBN1 tells everything. She will be a great blogger someday, and we will both tell stories on Jesse.


Dale said...

You gotta love them grandbabies and the Aunts that spoil them, "cats playing cards" now how funny is that! LOL I just love the antics of Jes, she's a chip off the ol' block for sure!

Bag Blog said...

Last night, GBN1 put Aunt Jes to bed and read her a magazine, but refused to scratch her back.

Laurie said...

Oh gosh, this is hysterical. I've missed reading your blog, have to free myself up more to come read these little giggles.