Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wild Times on T-Day

Things have been non-stop here since last Monday when I picked up Toby's mom in Electra. The Grand Babies came over that night to see their Great-Gran. Tuesday, we all met for lunch in town. Tuesday night, Toby and I took his mom back to WF where we met his sisters and handed off there mom so that she could visit with them. Toby dropped me off at my mom's house to spend the night and spend Wednesday cooking pies and the turkey. Wed. night, we played "beauty shop". We cut five heads of hair and colored four heads of hair. Everyone got their hair done except for me. It just got too late and too many people wanted their hair done. Oh well, I will just look like the ol' gray mare while in NY next week.

Thanksgiving day went off with hardly a hitch. The first fried turkey did not get completely done in time for the big meal, but we had plenty of regular baked turkey and ham. Speaking of hams, my family has a lot of hams. Everyone had their picture made playing with the napkin rings. Some were better at it than others. Never let it be said that the Barker Clan is not exciting. I guess you could say that we are easily entertained.

Friday morning, Toby's mom called and wanted us to take her back to Lubbock. Someone told her that it was snowing in Lubbock and she dreamed that the pipes broke and her house was flooding. No amount of talking about it would convince her that her house was fine. We drove to Bridgeport to pick her up and then drove to Lubbock. Saturday morning we turned around and came home. Her house was cold, because the heater was not working, but not frozen.

When we got home on Saturday afternoon from our quick West Texas excursion, we had to do some packing for Toby. Have I mentioned that he leaves for Aberdeen, Scotland today? Well, he does - the turkey. He will be there for three weeks. I don't get to go this time for several reasons, but none of them are great reasons. We may have to deal with this issue in another post, but the bottom line is that I am going to NY City next week, but not Scotland. Don't worry, I am the queen of paybacks, and I do have a long memory. Toby may think he is saving money, but he will pay :)


Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like you were busier than we were. Lots of good times, though. Guess there wasn't as much snow in LBB as expected. When we lived there (early eighties), I think it snowed every Thanksgiving. One year, 24 inches. Brr. We have had rain and under 50 degrees which is very cold for here. Anyway, glad you had a family Thanksgiving. Revenge is sweet they say! Take care,

Becky said...

Those pictures are funny!

The story about your MIL reminds me of my grandmother. She was spending the summer with my aunt, and my cousin was dog sitting her dog. Mammaw was watching a news story on TV about flooding. They showed a shot of a dog being swept away by the rushing water, and nothing you could say would convince her that the German Shepherd she'd seen on TV wasn't her little chihuahua she'd left at home.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, Jesse and I got a good laugh at your Mammaw's story. That is exactly how the MIL was this week.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, the snow did not stick on the highways, and only about an inch or two on the grass while we were there. I remember some times in the late 70's in Lubbock when the snow was heavy, but it was the ice that made things dangerous.

Buck Pennington said...

Great pics...too funny!! I saw lotsa snow and freezing rain around LBB on the WX Channel yesterday. We were clear and cold here, however. Our "winter storm" never actually materialized, and that's a good thing.

Ashley Williams said...

Hey Lou, I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving.
The pictures are hilarious, I liked Bo's picture. The expression on his face is so funny

Bag Blog said...

We had snow on Friday night in Lubbock, but we drove home in the clear cold on Saturday.