Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog Addiction

During some downtime on Thanksgiving Day at my mom’s, I decided to check my blog for comments. At least two people (siblings) walked by, saw what I was doing, and accused me of being "addicted". What! Me? Well, maybe. I do love it. I recently received an email from a total stranger from Cape Cod,who said she reads my blog - how cool is that! This last week I have received two emails from old friends that I have not seen in about 20 + years, but through other friends they have found my blog and are reading it! Although I am always amazed that anyone reads my blog, I love hearing and being in touch with old friends. Most of them do not comment, but if they did, they would find a reunion of mutual friends. I love it. It makes me feel so connected in a way that without my blog, I would not have. Yet, sometimes I feel a little pressure to write “interesting stuff” but don’t count on it. My life is what it is.

In the past couple of days, my site meter has shown that I have had about 60 hit’s a day. While this is not anything big to the big bloggers out there, this is double my usual amount of readers. Of course, some people are just passing through looking for something else - sometimes very odd things. Sometimes they find people or info they can use. I have had people email me and say things like, “I went to school with …can you put me in touch with him/her?” By the way, I am always very careful of giving out email addresses to strangers. Sometimes I get a good laugh at what people google and find on my blog. I’m sure they are disappointed, but it makes me smile.

So why am I getting more traffic on my blog? Could it be my excellent writing and great stories - Hah! I doubt it. It could be that I comment on lots of other blogs, people see that, and come to my blog to see who I am. Once again, I wonder what they are thinking when they see my blog. Are they thinking, “What crazy person wrote that…” or “Wow, that was an intelligent comment…”? Then they find the blog of a mother, grandmother, ranch-hand who rarely says anything serious. What do they think? I find it fascinating.

Recently, I have found some more milblogs to read. Chris is a doctor in Iraq and very interesting. Desert Dude and Shawn Beaird are typical soldiers writing about their everyday life. Lt. Nixon can rant like no other. Sgt. Grumpy and This War and Me also give their two cents on serving and living in Iraq. All are worth looking at, but remember they are soldiers and sometimes their language is …interesting. Reading and commenting on their blogs is my way of supporting them - a very small way.

My friend Dawn has started a blog too. I think it is worth a look. I love her family and her friendship. Welcome her to the photosphere. Today, TFNP has a very funny post about his little princes if you want a good laugh.

Yep, I love this blog thang.


Buck Pennington said...

Could it be my excellent writing and great stories - Hah! I doubt it.

Well, I don't. Doubt it, that is. You DO have great stories, Lou, backed up with graphics, especially your art, that are more interesting than most. To this Constant Reader, anyway.

I've had the same sorts of internal dialog regarding my blog and blogging, in general. I'm always left thinking that retirement would be a helluva lot less interesting without my blog and the 'net, in general. I'd probably be one of those ol drunks you see in a rocking chair on the porch without the 'net. I jest, of course. Well, sorta.

Dawn said...

You wrote "Yet, sometimes I feel a little pressure to write “interesting stuff” but don’t count on it. My life is what it is."
Interesting stuff to one can be hogwash to another. And I for one believe your blog to be quite interesting. I will read what encourages me, what inspires me to be the best I can be, and let's not forget the motive getting to really know one another. After all what is life about without our heartfelt relationships!!
If It's interesting to you Lou it's interesting to those who value your friendship.Keep up the fun, addictive, work. :)

LT Nixon said...

Ms. Bab Blog,

I appreciate you reading my blog and your thought-provoking comments. It's nice to see I have a larger audience than angry junior officers.

LT Nixon said...

whoops, I meant Ms. Bag blog. My apologies as I'm typing this in the dark.

Ashley W. said...

I love to read your blog, Lou. I find it very interesting.
Keep bloging and i will keep reading!

Becky said...

I love yoru blog as well, and more importantly, I feel that I have found a friend.

Back when I was running my blog contest, I was getting about 70 hits a day there toward the end. Now that it's over, I'm back to my usual 20.

Susan Carlin said...

Hi there! Thanks for your sweet comment on my painting (you followed a link on Jo Castillo's blog) I grew up just north of Tulsa on a farm, so love that you're in Oklahoma feeding cows. Bundle up toasty! We actually had a chilly day here today. It's been way too warm until just a couple of days ago. I'll drop in down the line and see what you're up to.

Bag Blog said...

Susan, thanks for dropping by. I will be watching your blog in the future too.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Hence, the title of my blogroll, "People With Actual Talent" and your link therein.

Speaking of jealousy, I for one, can't really stand your blog.

You do realize that you are my Blogmom. So, would that make me your...blogeny?

I think its always an odd sense of accomplishment when you make someones blogroll.

I've been frequenting so many other blogs and commenting i forget who and where and why. I suppose you could say your blogeny is an addict, and its all your fault.

Its funny, i remember Bo sending me an email sometime back about increasing his readership, my thought at the time was twofold...what is he talking about? and how vain is that? Now, i'm apparently narsissistic enough to know and understand.

With that in mind, i'll close with a site i've found to be most informative regarding the aforementioned narcissism...

in his top right hand corner he offers some veteran blogging advice, its freaking bullseye.

Love you [blog]Mom! When you decide to adopt the 12 step method for recovery, lemme know...i can't wait to hear those words..."Hi i'm BagBlog" (Hi, BagBlog!) "And i'm a Blogger..."

unkawill said...

I noticed that you stopped by my place the other day. Thanks. I haven't been able to keep it up due to company policies prohibiting blogging through thier network.
That is going to change on the 23rd when I get my own ISP here in Iraq. To answer your question, I am doing great! I got transferred to a new base (Camp Taji) about 30 miles north of the Baghdad Airport. I am running missions between there and my old Base (Camp Anaconda) on an almost nightly basis.The bad guys seem to be running out of steam, so the work tends to be routine and somewhat boring at times. TBS,I work with a great group of guys and gals, whom for the most part are a joy to be around. There is a very positive attitude and can do spirit with this group. That seems to make the day fly by.