Saturday, December 01, 2007

Farm Day

Jesse and I went to a bachelorette party last night. It was probably quite sedate compared to most parties, but on the other hand, it was lots of fun. Jesse, Lindsay, and Sarah Ann had T-shirts with "bridesmaid" on them, while the Bride had "Bride" on hers. It was a cute idea. The three bridesmaids kept everyone entertained with their good-natured squabbling and teasing. We played some pretty competitive games and ate, of course. Jesse and I were both bushed when we got home. The cat woke us up at 6 this morning scratching on the door to be let in (kill the kitty!). We got up and got dressed and drove to town for the Boy Scouts pancake breakfast. My son and family came too. Toby and I have been going to the BSA breakfast for several years now, and we were looking forward to the day when we could take the Grand Babies with us. Toby had already bought tickets anticipating the adventure, but he had to go to Scotland - oh well. The Grand Babies drew lots of attention because they are just so darn cute. We had fun, but it was just not the same without Toby.

When Jesse and I came home, we decided to feed the horses while we were already out in the nasty weather. The horses were wild - bucking and kicking. I guess the change in weather has them "feelin' their oats." I really hate it when they act that way, and I am trying to pour feed. It can be a bit scary. Then the dogs get to barking, and it is a regular rodeo.

Now I plan on taking a nap and then finish packing for the NY trip.

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