Sunday, December 09, 2007

Meloncholy Weekend

This is a repeat picture, but I love it. Notice that Jes and GBN1 both have their legs crossed alike, and they are looking at Popular Mechanics. (click to enlarge)
When I got home from my trip on Thursday night, Jesse was at a play with a coworker, but we got to visit a little before bedtime after she got home. Then I had lunch with her and GBN1 on Friday although Jesse had to leave early for an appointment at the beauty shop. GBN1 kept us entertained (and everyone around us) with her constant chatter. Jesse then went to her office Christmas party Friday night. Saturday morning we had breakfast together before she went to OK City with Lindsay around noon leaving me all alone. They spent the night in The City. It is pretty typical for Jesse to come and go as if we had a revolving door. She has always been a "goin' Jesse." As she has gotten older, I see her making an effort to squeeze some time in for her ol' mom, and I appreciate it. But this weekend has just been so cold and yucky that I was in a rather melancholy mood. It is not so bad to have her gone when Toby is home - we practice being empty-nesters. With him gone too, things were just pretty dull here. GBN1 called a few times (now that her mother has taught her to use speed dial, she calls often - sometimes they are unauthorized calls and she gets in trouble) and kept my spirits up. I love it when I hear, "Booboo, what you doin'? I need to tell you sumpin!" I remember my dad saying he was glad that Kathy (my baby sister) had been born (she was an "accident" when Mom was 39) because he would have been very lonely after I went off to college and got married. He liked having his girls around to pamper and spoil.

Jesse got home around noon today from OK City before the weather got really bad. We watched a movie together. What will I do when she gets married some day? I am very thankful for my grand-girls who already light up my life. Sometimes, though, I wish I had had ten kids.

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