Saturday, December 22, 2007

Toby's Home

Toby got home last night without any travel problems. He did look rather haggard (yes that is the word I used when I saw him) from his long day of travel. As he walked toward me from the airline gate, I thought, "Who is that man?" He had that stale smell, and his clothes were rumpled. He was seriously dragging. After a shower and dinner, he became more his old self. I could see the Toby in him. In the movie "Hook" one of the lost boys takes Robin William's face in his little hands and looks at him closely moving his face all around. Finally the lost boy says, "There you are, Peter!" That is how I felt after Toby showered and recovered from the long journey. "There you are, Toby!"

We did some shopping today before we left OK City. Toby's family always has a dirty Santa game. This year we are suppose to give books (if I get a donkey mask again, I'll be some upset). Toby and I stopped at a Borders bookstore. We had a great time picking out books for the dirty Santa game, and some for ourselves as well. While looking at children's books for the Grand Babies, Toby said, "Does this remind you of anything?" It certainly did. It reminded me of the times we took Bo and Jesse to Albuquerque for the weekend back in our NM days. We would take them to a fancy restaurant and then to Page One bookstore. They would each pick out several books and thought it was such a treat. They did not know that most kids would rather be going to the movies. Those were the days - great times with my kids. GBN1 already thinks going to the library and getting books is just the cat's pajamas.

Toby is probably glad that I am on the computer and not following him around talking non-stop.


Buck Pennington said...

Ain't homecomings GREAT, jet-lag and all?

That said...I HATE to fly these days (especially international flights), and I'm oh-so-glad my 'road warrior' days are done and gone.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Welcome home Toby! I can hear the joy in your voice having him home Lou! What a nice Christmas present!

inpassing said...
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inpassing said...

Oops! Sorry I had to delete the first one...major typo! :)

I think there was a little extra sprint in your step this morning, Lou. I'm sure glad Toby's home, and I know you are, too.

Dawn said...

woo hoo, I'm especially glad for you Lou, hug Toby for us!!!!