Thursday, January 17, 2008

Domestic Duties

I broke down and did laundry today. It took me all morning, but it was raining today - might as well do laundry. The hotel has two washers and dryers that they let you use for a mere 7 pounds per load. It cost me 21 pounds or about $42. How does that grab you? Like a hairy hand in the dark?!

Many times in past posts I have told "Jesse stories" because she says the funniest things . She has done this since she was a little girl. She sees things differently from everyone else, and she uses some words or phrases wrong, and yet, it works. She used to call the hazard lights on cars "the tragedy lights." She called riding in the passenger's seat "riding gunshot." There is other "Jesse talk" that I could share, but she sent this email yesterday, and it just made me laugh. It may also make you think Jesse is a bit mean. Hmm, well, it is all in your perspective.

She (GBN1) has been spitting a lot lately. Bo kept getting on to her for it - I told him about a guy here at work who is having the same problem with his kid spitting. This guy started spitting on his son as the punishment - he says it's cut back the spitting by 90%! Bo and Sara didn't seem too impressed, but I think I'm going to start spitting on my Lizzy :) Anyway, I was sitting in the floor playing blocks and Lizzy ran by and spit on me and then took off. In her haste, she glanced off the hallway wall and nailed the door jam with her head (I can't help but chuckle). She started wailing, but I showed no mercy. I told her she wasn't supposed to spit on people and then I insisted (repeatedly until she would say it) that she say "yes Ma'am". I always feel silly for making her say that - in the back of my mind I'm thinking "no, say mercy, say calf rope! say bob's your uncle!"

Don't worry; she wouldn't really spit on GBN1. That is just Jesse's sense of humor. She truly loves her nieces - loves spending time with them. She sent me photos of them. Personally, I think she will be a great mother some day. I can just see her insisting on the "yes ma'am,"but the "bob's your uncle" just made me lol.

Here are some photos from yesterdays excursion. I took the one of O'Neill's because we have a good friend named O'Neil. Then as I turned to head down the sidewalk, I saw this lovely chap. What fun!


Buck said...

42 bucks for laundry? You could buy a complete re-supply of underwear and socks for that! And "air out" the rest of your clothes...


Funny stuff about Jesse...

Jo Castillo said...

Tee, hee.

I think the spittin' might work. :)

Yes, laundry away from home is big bucks. More in the U. S. than I thought. I hadn't been to a laundry mat until last summer. Wow. Of course only about $2 or $2.50 a load.

Craig said...

I say spit on clean panties and such and test out that theory of what's under the kilts!

Have fun dear one!

catherine said...

Hey...that's me..not Craig who said that about panties and'd that happen?@#!! I guess it's true what they say about real, deep love ... you start to sound alike, talk alike and before you know it, look alike! :)

Bag Blog said...

Catherine, a friend of ours named TZ Wright (ask Craig about TZ) used to sing a song about a Scotsman wearing a kilt, and he gets drunk and passes out. Some girls passing by, look under his kilt and tie a ribbon on the man. When he wakes up and goes to potty, he says, "boy I don't know where you been, but you must have one first prize." I cant' help but think of that when I see a man wearing a kilt!

My verification word is "farkheq" - appropriate for Craig's Birthday.

Ashley W said...

Very funny about Jesse. I still think the tragedy lights is classic.