Friday, January 04, 2008

Get Set Again

As you can see, I have been playing on the laptop again. I downloaded a photo from my camera to the laptop which was not a problem, but I could not find a way to crop or brighten the photo. I thought I could use the media center or something, but I only found media player, which did not have anything about photos. Maybe there is something else on the laptop, but rather than look, I tried downloading Picasa. It is suppose to be a good way to store and organize photos. Lord knows organization is a weak point with me (wait a sec while I write that down as a resolution - I must get organized...) Since it is a Google thing, I thought Picasa might work well - I even tried posting the photo to my blog via Picasa. It was easy enough, which is a must for a slightly computer-illiterate blogger. Suggestions will be accepted. Buck mentioned router passwords the other day, and my eyes rolled back in my head and fear shown on my face. Toby and I had had several days of trying to remember what our password was in order to use the laptop. We finally found it, and it was not anything like we thought it was. In my blond/gray head, I think that if I could not find my password, how could someone else find it? And why would anyone want to? So, if you make suggestions, remember that I only work under the KISS system.

Here is a photo of GBN2 on her first birthday wearing an outfit that her Great Gran sent her.

Yesterday, I visited with Sarah Ann to see her latest painting and make suggestions. The painting did not need any help - she is surpassing her art teacher. Sarah showed me through her newlywed house. It was so cute and cheerful, it reminded me of "Barefoot in the Park."

Next, I went by to see TFNP and give him a tea-towel from Scotland which Toby picked up for him. The Piper was a little under the weather, but it was good to see him and his kingdom before I leave for the UK.

After another stop at Wal-Mart (Why does Wal-Mart make me brainless) I headed to Dawn's to return her laptop. We had a nice visit in her beautiful home amongst her three little ones coming and going. Never a dull moment there.

I fixed a pretty good supper for Toby before I headed back to town for my first Art Guild Board meeting. If they had told me I would have to attend board meetings, I would not have volunteered to help with the art shows. The meeting started off okay. I ended up sitting next to the Kindergarten teacher, but she was only slightly annoying and more humorous last night. Her lipstick was smeared on her upper lip and she had a piece of fuzz on her cheek. Normally I would have told her (I hate it when I look silly and no one tells me) but I decided not to. It was a bit of a mean-streak in me that won over. Great another resolution - I must not be mean to kindergarten teachers even if it is rather funny...


Kris, in New England said...

"Why does Wal-Mart make me brainless"

Because. It. Can.

Buck Pennington said...

Re: GBN2. That little girl has the bluest blue eyes! Wow.

Becky said...

Love what you did to the kindergarten teacher! Sounds like something I would do.

Bag Blog said...

Ah, Becky, it is what I didn't do that was funny.