Monday, January 14, 2008

More Castle Photos

You can never have too many castle pictures, and believe me, I took lots. Still, I feel like I could have taken more. In this first picture, Toby and I were walking towards the castle. You can see that all though we had sun, it was a bit cloudy.

The castle itself was built in different stages by different owners (earls). The first was the tower-like building best seen in yesterday's photos (pic 4) but also seen in the middle background here behind the Smithy - notice the huge fireplace in the smithy.

This next photo was taken from the South Wall from the Countess' rooms, which were built by yet another earl. You can also see the North Wall which was built after the first tower. This part of the castle had individual rooms with their own doors and fireplaces. On the far left is part of the chapel (see yesterday's pics also).
Here is picture of the Silver House (left center) which has a roof and seems to be used for storage with no access to the public. The center building is a guest house.
I took this picture of Toby in standing in the Marischal's suite (the earl's bedrooms next to the countess' rooms). Notice the coat of arms above the fireplace and the clock-like thing on the wall. These rooms were the last built before the English laid siege to the castle in the 1600's. The Covenantors held out for 8 months before surrendering. As we were leaving, I took this photo from the beach. The evening light was just beautiful, although I may not have captured the true colors. Once back in Stonehaven, I took this photo of the harbor buildings. We ate at the Marine Hotel on the far right of the picture. I have two more scenes I would like to show, but I may send them to TFNP for some work before I post them.


Mrs. Bear said...

Ahhh...what beautiful pics. I am impressed with the history that you are giving us. I love the Castle you had to hike up to. I thought it only fitting that Toby ate a muffin before walking up...cause it looks like the castle is built on a muffin top!!! Have a wonderful day!! I'm off to work...I have to be grown up and serious suit to go and see something interesting today for me!!!!

Bag Blog said...

Anny, I was thinking about seeing the grocery store and maybe the lb. store. Such is the life of an every day housewife. I have to admit I had a muffin too before hiking to the castle.
Yesterday, Toby chose to have a "scone" with his coffee. It was just a biscuit. I, on the other hand, had apple spice cake.

Dawn said...

Oh gosh, I'm just overwhelmed at the beauty of some places, I am in a rush but I will be back to look again much more closely tonight, and I'll just have to comment again :) 'specially bout that cross country skiing ;)

Buck said...

The sunset photo is my fave, but the others are great, as well. Dontcha just love all those plaques with the thumbnail histories on 'em? I made a habit of shooting them, too.

I can relate to the weather. When TSMP, our friend Kim, Buck (SN1) and I toured England in Dec - Jan of '90 the weather was just as miserable... inside the car and out. Buck's old junker of a car (a ten year old -- or so -- English Ford) had a hole in the floorboard in the rear seating area and his heater was anemic... and that's being VERY kind. There was always a "war" over who got to ride shotgun, coz the back-seaters froze their a$$es off... solved, of course, by rotating seating positions at every stop.

Ah...memories! ;-)