Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scotland Memories

Just two more days here - Friday we head home. Friday night I will sleep in my own bed. Although I have loved Scotland and had some great adventures, I am ready to be home. Jesse and Mom helped the loneliness that often sets in when I am gone from home, but I still miss my friends. I miss good conversations with good friends. I wrote two emails to Buck yesterday - proof of my need for conversation. I have had some trouble with my emails. Some are not being sent. Although they seem to be sent, they never arrive. So if you have expected an email from me and didn't get it, that could have been the problem.

In a couple of emails and comments from good friends I have found such encouragement. One friend encouraged me to redeem the time with my husband and make good memories. Being here with Toby (and Canada last fall) have been great. When you marry your best friend and someone who makes you laugh, life will never be dull. Lust helps too. We have such great adventures and truly enjoy our time together. Of course, we enjoy our children too. I know that someday when Jesse finds a husband and moves off, I will miss her terribly. She has been my joy for a long time, but I know that Toby and I can survive and prosper alone. At this stage in our lives having her around is great, but when it is just the two of us, it is still good.

My friend Dawn encouraged me to make good memories with my Mom. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the little things that make me crazy, the worries of providing entertainment, etc. Dawn reminded me to just enjoy the time with Mom. We won't pass this way again. It was a reminder to enjoy and make memories with Jesse too. Someday she will leave home and I will remember when with just a look we started laughing at Mom/grandma sitting on the beach looking like a homeless lady with her toboggan way up on her head. I will think about Jesse talking me into posing for some crazy photo, and I will have the photo of me looking silly.

This has been a great trip, but I am ready for home. I miss my grand babies. Thanks to Nana, Jesse, and Ashley for sending me Grand Baby stories. I miss my dogs. My friend Sherry let Ranger, the spoiled rat terrier, snuggle beside her and she even took him on the four-wheeler and sent me emails to let me know that he was okay. Thanks Sherry.

Since I mentioned Mom and her silly hat sitting on the beach, I thought I would share the pic. Of course, we took pictures of Mom looking silly - what are daughters for? We walked Mom far and wide. Often she would need to sit and rest, and we took advantage of those moments.


Dawn said...

Judging by these pictures your mother seems to fit in wonderfully with her surroundings, especially the one with her red pants and the red doors.
Sitting back, quietly reflecting, storing those memories away, before things get crazy again.But most of all sharing them with friends. It's been great getting to share your trip with you, Lou and It's gonna be even better to have you home.

Buck said...

Ah...lotsa truth in this post, especially about parents, kids, and marrying your best friend. Sort of a recipe for a happy and successful life, eh? we discussed yesterday, while travel is fun, enlightening, and all that, nothing beats your own bed and all that goes with it.

I still owe you a reply to your last note, Lou. Sometimes I get so danged far behind in my correspondence I'm afraid I'll never catch up. Today is one such day...

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Although I was not really expecting a reply, with my email being so wishy-washy, I wondered if you had received my last email. This laptop is great, but I will be glad to get home to my usual computer too.

Laurie said...

It has been wonderful reading your adventures, even though I haven't had a lot of time for comments. :)

Anonymous said...

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