Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comic Relief

With Toby and Jesse both trying to get off to work in the mornings we stick to a routine that works well for everyone. Toby showers and gets his bathroom business done before Jesse gets up. Then we have a cup of coffee together and discuss our plans for the day, while Jesse showers. She tends to hog the bathroom the rest of the morning. I fix their breakfast or lunches or both while they get dressed. Sometimes I have to iron a shirt or something, but I try to get that done during the day while they are at work. Toby leaves the house first, and then Jesse leaves about twenty minutes later. I get on the computer and relax with my coffee and morning reads.

This morning, during our coffee time, I was planning their lunches. I mentioned to Toby that I had some leftovers from supper (I had made a new concoction with green-chili enchilada sauce and hamburger. It had not worked out quite like I had expected, but it was tasty). I was about to ask him if he wanted the leftovers for lunch, but he said, "You mean that wasn’t Alpo?" Those of you, who know me, know my reaction. I believe I said something like, "So much for your breakfast or lunch." Toby just hooted. He had gotten the rise out of me that he had been aiming for.

I got up to let the little dog out and the big dog in, since both were whining at the door. Jesse was coming out of the bathroom as Zoe Dog came in. Jesse said, "Oh, hello, big dog!" Then she looked at me and said, "I was talking to Zoe, not you." Another direct hit! She laughed and laughed at her joke. I live with two comedians.

After Toby and I get out of bed, we immediately throw the covers over the pillows,because if we don't, the dogs will be in the sheets. I make the bed later - after the dogs take a little morning nap.


inpassing said...

OMG...that dog is a horse!!!

Dawn said...

So he went ahead and took the "Alpo to work, eh?
Shaun's had Alpo for lunch before, but he's never said anything on account of the same threats I suppose :)

Skybag said...

I've read about people cooking for their dogs. When I came in last night, I had a little bite of the hamburger stuff off the stove. My first reaction was, "Oh my gosh, she's started cooking for Ranger!!!" I nearly spit it out, but then I realized that that was silly - you wouldn't cook for the dogs! The hamburger stuff was good, though!. Fuuny, that Dad called it Alpo :)

Inquiries said...

Zoe is so funny!

Buck said...

I live with two comedians.

Ah, I don't have to remind ya, Lou... but I will (of course). It could be worse!

Does GBN1 take Zoe rides? Enquiring Minds, and all that... :-)

inpassing said...

BTW, is that how Zoe naps on the bed? I've been mentioning what I "don't do" on inquiries blog site. I also don't do big dogs! So if you hear someone pull up into your drive and honk, it might be me. I'll be the one sitting in the car not moving saying "Big Dog Alert!". :)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

You know...i've been thinking...The Queen came in yestiddy swoonin' about some big Pyrenees at the hospital, she said it was a great dog...Zoe is in that category for me...come to think of it...i haven't ran into too many BIG dogs that don't fit that definition (save that wench Cleo). On the other hand, there are VERY few little dogs that i don't want to punt into eternity within seconds. Maybe...just maybe post-Murphy, a big dog is in our future. My take (as if its worth a spit)...little dogs have the "little man syndrome", they just feel like they gotta prove something, and the littler the louder...whereas big dogs, well, they're big...they know this...if you like'em they like you, if you don't...well they'll just go lay another statue in your honor.

inpassing said...

That pyrenes Lou had before was just a great big hairy baby. She/he (can't remember) was probably the only Big Dog that I would actually get out of the car around and know she wasn't going to get me.

Becky said...

That is a great picture of Zoe.

My cousin had one of those type stories from her newlywed days. She tried to make hamburger patties using a meat loaf recipe, and it didn't work out so well. Her husband called them Gaines Burgers for years!

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I love the Gainsboro story.

My Great Pyrenes was wonderful, but the heat was hard on her. Sometimes they can be wanderers.

Piper, you do Ranger and Moses (Beverly's rat)a diservice. They are great dogs. Ranger is by far not on the top of the pecking order around our house nor does he want to be.

Buck, If I only had a saddle for Zoe!