Saturday, February 09, 2008

Revenge of the Nerds

I would like to think that when I make a mistake that I am a big enough person to 'fess up and make it right. I do make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. Some are funnier than others. When I see Toby wearing one brown sock and one black sock, it just makes me laugh.

Heard at art on Thursday: Someone in Lawton robbbed a Payless shoe store. They didn't get away with much cash. There is a reason they call it Payless.

GBN1 on walking out to feed the horses: That's a big horse poop! It is like turtles!


inquiries said...

The Payless story is pretty hilarious.
Oh this is my blog!

Dawn said...

I'm here, I'm still reading :)
Did Toby have those socks on at home or were you out and about? Ha, ha
That would be something Shaun would do, only he'd be wearing his shorts and sandels,
We now have some of those "turtles" close to home.
Michael and Dylan got new horses. I laughed at Kim yesterday, she was complaining of her boys's colds and she says now the horses are coughing with runny noses. That's all she needs, says she. Those two boys keep her busy, but deep down you know she loves it.
Turtles, :) I'll have to tell her that one