Monday, April 28, 2008


The Houdini Horse:

Toby and I worked on a different fence (new plan of attack) on Saturday. We did some research and a price check on a cattle-guard. We staked out the new gate. All the while, Windy was roaming free in the pasture while the other two horses remained in the penned area. On Sunday, Windy was back in the penned area with the other two horses. I guess she missed them and swam back across the pond to the penned area. We will continue to work on a new fence and a new gate to keep them in. The only thing the fence really does is keep the mail-lady out. She doesn't seem to want to get out of her vehicle to put the mail in our box. Oh well. Notice in the first photo how green it has gotten in the last several weeks since I posted this similar pic. Also, you can see the Houdini Horse far off in the left side of the photo.
Hawaiian Tourists:
We heard from Jesse, Lindz and Reagan as they landed in Hawaii - so I know they are there. Other than that, I have not heard a word. I told Jesse just to drop me an email now and then, but my email is messed up right now. HughesNet decided to do some upgrading that apparently did not go as smoothly as they planned. I have not called Hughes yet, but if things do not improve soon, I guess I will have to contact them. I am not able to receive or send email except through my Hotmail account. I will just assume that the ladies are having a grand adventure until I hear otherwise. And I will call Janice to see if she has heard anything.

Most people know that the term Sooners came from the Oklahoma land rush. Sooners were the people who sneaked onto the land before the gun sounded and set up their property claim sooner than they were suppose to. Well, getting a seat in our church is much the same. We have some serious Sooners. I think some people come in the night before and set their Bibles in chairs claiming seats sooner than the rest of us. Although church starts at 10 AM, there is always a mad rush to get seats in the main room. If you are late, you have to set in the "overflow" rooms and watch TV monitors. Toby and I actually got to church earlier than usual (minus the bathroom hog who happens to be in Hawaii at the moment), but we still had to scurry to find seats. We ended up sitting on the back wall in a high traffic area. The Grand Girls were still able to sit (wrestle me to the ground) with us. To the amusement of everyone around us, GBN1 announced, "Booboo, you have a booger in your nose." I was worn out by the time church was over and ready for a nap, which is exactly the way Toby and I spent our Sunday afternoon. To heck with the horses and fence!


Buck said...

Wow. Zoe looks like a horse in her own right! You could get a lil saddle for her and let the grandbabies ride!

Mrs. Bear said...

Better than someone calling you "Booger Lip"

Dawn said...

LOL!!!!! Sooners huh, and I think your right about when they get there!, I have an assigned seat in the overflow room only cause I don't want to spend those "early get a seat in the front room" minutes roping Tyler back into his seat and keeping his hands off those around us for that long, He's an 8 year old wrestler of all in our row after the first hour of service!!!!! I mean you can only draw so many cattle trucks, trains, planes or choppers in that hour and then what? well torturing others works for him.
Good luck on the fence :)

Bag Blog said...

Anny, Just last week Jesse came into our bedroom bringing our coffee and said,"Hello Booger Lip."

Buck, if Zoe ever fills out, she will be one big honkin' dog. We can't saddle her until she quits being so goofey.

Dawn, maybe we should put Tyler and Lizzie together and let them wrestle each other rather than us.

Junk Diva said...

The only thing it keeps out is t he mail lady, that is funny. Maybe you should try to keep Windy away from the other horses then all she will want is back with them.

Glad you heard from your girl. As for the Sooner thing, boy is that true, I am so ready to be in the new building, we will get to sleep 30 min. longer on Sunday. We leave at 9:05 to get there by 9:25 to get a seat. I think the Tyler Lizzie idea is a good one, I would leave even earlier to get a good seat for that.

Jo Castillo said...

Horses are so smart. We had one that could open the corral gates that had slide locks. Dad added pins on chains and he pulled those out. Another that untied rope hobbles and then stay right with the bunch. Just didn't like the hobbles. :)

Good luck with the fencing.

Course of Perfection said...

If I have a visible booger, I'm thankful when someone tells me. Good job, GNB1. I could have my skirt stuck in my pantyhose, food in my teeth, visible booger, Alfalfa-type hair problem, or a mascara smudge and neither of my boys would ever say a word about it. If I ever say to the boys, "Why didn't you tell me I had spinach stuck between my front teeth?" They say, "I didn't notice." Well, wonderful because I'm sure everyone else did!

So, be thankful, Booger Lip. :^)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Well...i guess she could've picked it for you. I'm with the Diva on the new building, funny thing is...we live just as far away and sometimes don't leave until twenty minutes AFTER The Diva is already there. I'm always thinking, "man, if we could just get there ON TIME we'd be good, apparently thats not the case.