Friday, May 09, 2008


I’m going to get out of the house today. That seems such a simple statement, but I have not been out since last Saturday. I’m almost giddy. Toby, Jesse, and I are going to meet at the park for lunch. GBN1 would say, "Great!"

Last night I actually participated in cooking and eating supper. Jes and I decided to have salmon cooked on the grill. Jes made a paste of lemon, butter, garlic and rosemary to put on the salmon – it was delicious. I also sautéed cabbage in butter – everything is better in butter. It was a very simple, but pleasant meal – not one of Toby’s favorites. He likes a more manly meal.

Speaking of manly, if you know Toby, he is very manly. Sometimes he has the oddest sense of humor saying things out of the blue that catch you off guard. People who don’t know Toby are never quite sure when he is joking because he is so subtle. Toby is a very quiet man – so that people who do not know him often think he is stuffy. Because of his slow West Texas drawl, they often think he is dull, but then he surprises them, and sometimes he surprises us:

While Jes was working around the kitchen last night, she was singing "Copacabana."
Jes: You know, I finally heard all the words to that song and it is a pretty stupid song.
Toby: Are you saying that my generation’s songs are stupid?
Jes: Well the song is pretty silly and Barry didn’t do that great of a job singing it.
Toby started singing "Copacabana" along with Jesse.
Me: I don’t think I ever paid any attention to the words so I don’t know the story.
Toby: Oh I did. I used to act it out.
This stopped us dead in our tracks – then we all burst out laughing.


Sea-gal said...

What is it about those west Texas cowboys. They are full of surprises! Have a wonderful day, Lou - I'm glad you're better.

Course of Perfection said...

I can totally picture dinner theater of sorts at your house. You & Jess serving up a coffee & cigarettes while Toby does his beatnik performance piece.

This would definitely make a great get-together (minus the cigarettes).

I don't know Toby very well, but from the stories I hear from Bo, I can tell he has a unique sense of humor. One of my favorite lines goes something like this: "I've been in eleven accidents...but only seven were my fault." Still cracks me up!

Glad to hear you're getting out today. May the Lord make His face shine upon you.

Buck said...

OK, I had to go find the lyrics. And the answer to Toby's question ("Are you saying that my generation’s songs are stupid?") is most definitely YES. In this particular case, anyway. Then again, I can't think of a single Manilow song I actually LIKE.

Now as for acting it out... Hmmm. :-)

I'm gald you're back up to speed, Lou!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks everyone! It was good to get out today and be in the world of the living.

CoP, Jesse suggested we invite people over and have a talent show. Toby could do his Copacabana. Bo used to pair's skating with the cat.

Sea-gal, that is why we went to Texas Tech isn't it?

Buck, I can think of a few 60's songs that were pretty silly too. Jesse loves to sing the "oldies." Maybe we should have a blog meme to name our favorite silly songs. How about "Leader of the Pack"!

Becky said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

I was never a big Barry fan either. I still remember all the girls going crazy over him. I did end up buying one BM album, and it had Copacabana on it.

Offhand, I can't even remember any of his other songs. I'd have to google them.

Funny what Toby said!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Well...welcome back to the Copa!

Yep, you guys are the quintessential "fun couple".

Junk Diva said...

So glad you are feeling better. I have missed your cheery disposition.

My girls get Barry and Rod Stewart confused, I guess it's the hair. it's sure not the music.

Buck said...

Maybe we should have a blog meme to name our favorite silly songs. How about "Leader of the Pack"!

Yep... that one sure qualifies! And this one is beyond silly... it's supremely STUPID. the risk of incurring wrath from lotsa folks, ANY freakin' song by Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. qualifies as silly in my book. ALL of 'em, as a matter of fact. I know people who've caught diabetes from listening to his saccharine whining for too long.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Tell Laura I love of Jesse's favorites in the silly song catagory. Now John D. is one of my favs - even went to see him in person before he was a "big name".

Buck said...

Now John D. is one of my favs - even went to see him in person before he was a "big name".

Ooops. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lou--I would pay money to watch Toby act out Copacabana! Next time we are over, you get him to do it and I'll slip you some. Well, maybe we should wait until the baby comes so I can enjoy an adult beverage while the show is on!

The Queen