Monday, June 30, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

When I have nothing to blog about, I tend to get more blog reading done. I also did a bit of blog surfing today, which was not what I intended to do, but was quite fun. Now, I am behind on my chores – nothing new there. And I still have nothing to blog about today. I guess I will just throw out some small things:

We sat behind Bo and Sara and the Grand Girls along with the Piper and his royal family (including the newest addition who looks much like the Piper) at church yesterday. All in all, I would say the princesses did great (Jay's two girls and my two GG's). I did take GBN1 out to have an attitude adjustment right off the bat, but she did better after that. Jesse said that as I marched out with GBN1, my face had that "gonna open a can of whup-ass" look. And Jesse would know that look (more on that later). After church, we took all four princesses to have chicken and curly fries at the local greasy spoon. It was like taking a bunch of raccoons to a restaurant. We eventually gave them back to their parents and went home for a nap, as did the four princesses.

Later in the evening, the Grand Girls came back over for some serious ranch romping. Crewcraw (Toby) let the girls help him water the plants. Yes, they were quite soaked by the time the plants were all watered. GBN2 watered herself. She would hold the hose up and then slowly move it to where it poured over her head. You could see her suck in her breath and shiver, but she kept dousing herself. Crewcraw just laughed. He laughed when the Grand Girls got in a squabble over the hose. He laughed when GBN2 got mad and fell on the ground throwing a hissy fit. Since her fit did not get the results she was hoping for, she got over it pretty quick. By the time the GG’s went home, everyone was tired. That nap seemed like a long ago memory.
Jesse took some photos and played with the girls for a while, but then she deserted us for Sunday night volleyball. I have mentioned before that Jesse is a double-bred smart aleck. People think she is a lot like me, although I think she is more like her father – mean and ornery. Today when we came home from church, I mentioned that several people had commented on how nice I looked at church today. Jesse said, "Well, it is because you usually look like crap." Of course this was said with a big grin and we both laughed at her joke, but don’t you think that she is a bit mean? Maybe she should get "the look." I think I should pay her back with a couple of "Jesse Stories."

Jesse was riding her motorcycle home on Friday when she ran out of gas near Eastland’s. As she was pushing her bike across the highway, a cruiser biker pulled up beside her and asked if she was having some problems. She answered that she was out of gas and kept pushing her bike. He watched her for second, and then pulled up beside her again. "Don’t you have a reserve tank?" he asked. Jesse looked at him with that wide-eyed look of females, "Why yes, yes I do." She reached down and flipped the tank to reserve, started her bike, and drove over to the gas station.

Jesse babysat the GG’s on Saturday night while Bo and Sara went to the dance. When she got home, she was telling us how her evening went. She was trying to tell some story about the girls and she said something about the girls and a "thermostat."
"Thermostat? What the heck are you talking about?" we asked.
"You know – thermo, thermo, thermo-something." She replied.
Toby and I were dumbfounded.
"You know – you drink out of it."
I’m sure Toby and I had the wrinkled brow. "Do you mean thermos?"
"That’s it!"
Oh Jesse, you do make us laugh.
This is an oldie, but a goodie photo of Jes and GBN1


Knit and fall back in it said...

Whew, sounds like those girls kept you busy.

Jenny said...

How many pews do you all take up? LOL!

Love the Jesse stories! Why is it that ATVs and Motorcycles have reserve tanks, but cars and trucks do not. Hmmmm....

Buck said...

Great Jess story! But...

"Don’t you have a reserve tank?" he asked. Jesse looked at him with that wide-eyed look of females, "Why yes, yes I do." She reached down and flipped the tank to reserve, started her bike, and drove over to the gas station.

Not ALL bikes have "reserve" any longer, mine included. The familiar petcock on the gas tank is rapidly going the way of the dodo, what with all the fancy electronic gizmos these days (like fuel injection). I got moderately embarrassed when I took delivery of my new scoot last year, in that I spent about five minutes looking for the petcock... in vain. The saleslady had to TELL me there wasn't one...

Becky said...

Great stories, Lou! Jesse is such a hoot! Not to mention the grandgirls.

Junk Diva said...

She is a bit mean, but i think she got it from you. I have a mean girl also, her's must have come from some distant relative.

Inquiries said...

Funny Stories.

Your girls are a handful!