Monday, June 16, 2008

A Weekend Full of GGs

It is amazing how little we can do over the weekend and how busy we can be. I greatly enjoyed my time with Mom on Friday. We had lunch with my sister-in-law - something I do not normally get to do during the year since she is a teacher. After lunch and a bit of shopping at Hobby Lobby, Mom did my hair. I returned home a blonder woman than I started. It looks good. The Piper made some Thai food and invited my family over for an evening of good food and fun. Bo brought the Grand Girls to play with the Princesses and Prince.

Saturday morning we headed into town early to pick up the GG for breakfast and a trip to Wal-Mart. Bo and Sara were having a garage sale, and our contribution was to get the girls out of their hair. We bought GBN1 a new life jacket (PFD) at Wal-Mart so that she could accompany us on kayaking trips. She wore her new PFD while in Wal-Mart. One lady said, "Well I guess she won’t drown in Wal-Mart!" Obviously the lady did not have grandkids of her own or she would understand that you let them wear the lifejacket, you let them ride their new bike to the front of the store, and you let them ride in the new trash can. It is just easier that way.

Jesse had to take her car to McNair’s to fix a slow leak on a tire. When she called to report that she had taken care of the tire, Toby asked her if she had a date with an axe murderer (family joke). She just giggled. McNair’s does an awesome tire business, but some of the guys whom they employ are pretty scary looking - so I call them "axe murderers." Saturday afternoon we went to Lawton to do some furniture shopping for Jesse who wants a new armoire. We did not have any luck in the furniture shopping although one salesman told Jesse she looked like Julia Roberts. Too bad he was older than Toby. We ate at Los Tres Amigos, which is good Mexican food and margaritas (we were needing the margaritas by then). Later we did a bit of shopping at the mall.

For Father’s Day, we had Bo and Sara over with the GGs and cooked hamburgers on the grill. It was a beautiful evening. Toby and Bo had a good day. The girls were very entertaining. Between Jesse and Bo playing with Jesse’s new camera, I bet they took 200 photos of the girls and dogs and kitten. Maybe Jesse will post some of the photos soon. Brother and sister thought it great fun to take unflattering photos of Sara and I. Hopefully those will not get posted.

The weekend always goes by way to fast. I am very behind on my blogging and reading. Now and then I sit down to read blogs starting with Buck’s (Buck is always first). I rarely get passed EIP on weekends. This morning I wanted to play catch up, but we had a bit of a thunderstorm that turned my computer off for a while. Now I need to run some errands, and I still have not read everyone I want to read. I’ll be back. I will leave you with a pic of my latest painting. Let me know if you think it needs some tweaking.


Junk Diva said...

"you let them wear the lifejacket, you let them ride their new bike to the front of the store, and you let them ride in the new trash can. It is just easier that way."

And it's just more fun, for everyone. They will always remember it!!!!!!

That pic. of Lindsey did need painted, it,s great!

Buck said...

Wow. I'm very flattered, Lou. FWIW, you're always MY first read, as well, followed by Becky. (Old habits die hard, and you two were my ONLY readers for the longest time!) Thanks for the shout-out.

Sounds like your weekend was great! And that's a good thing.

I think your painting is danged near perfect, as is. I'd have a lil boat on the horizon if it were me painting it, of course. With one of those smoke curlique thingies coming out of the stack. You know... typical seven-year-old stuff.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, maybe I will put a big yellow sun in the corner just for you:)

Inquiries said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I like the painting. I think you need more than one rock.

Sea-gal said...

I love the painting. Looks just like the picture. What about a sea-gull or pelican ? my personal favorite birds!! :)

Towanda said...

I love the painting. Very colorful and summer-y. You can almost feel a gentle breeze off the water. All I could think to add would be a boat or some birds. It seems as though she is looking at something ... or for someone.

Bo said...

It needs some tweaking.

The dramatic color difference between the ocean and the foreground really makes the foreground leap out. Whereas, I think the focal point should be further out to sea, in the direction the girl is looking. It could just be the color temp on my monitor.


Bag Blog said...

Bo, you have seen this at my house - GBN1 skied her fingers through it.

Maybe it needs a different value for the ocean, but I wanted it to be bright and light. I think Ashley was right about the rocks - my excuse is that the photo only had one:)

As for a bird, well, that reminds me of an argument between Jesse and Sarah Ann over a bird in a painting - I'll have to debate it myself.

Jo Castillo said...

Better late than never. You see I am behind on blogging as well.

The painting is great. I love the bright colors. Two tiny critiques from me as a landscape (mostly) painter. The horizon line on the left as you view it is perfect, kind of blurry, giving a feel of distance. It then gets dark and sharp behind the girl and makes that part come closer. The plants and sand behind the girl could be a different value, cooler, to push them back as well.

Those changes are so minor and may just be my monitor.