Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hot Biker Chicks

We had another hot time summer in The City yesterday, but not before we did some bicycle training. We got up early Saturday morning to bike with Toby before the sun got hot. Jesse rode an old Schwinn bike that Toby has been working on – a hand-me-down from a friend. The handlebars were the old-fashioned type making her set up tall and her arms were spread wide to reach the handles. I’m sure she caught some wind with her arms out like that. She needed a big floppy hat, and she would have had the old time look of a lady leisurely peddling her bicycle down the road. Too bad I did not get a photo of her.

Later in the morning, we headed to Norman to check out some bicycle shops for Toby. He wanted to test ride some road bikes. In order to ride with the big boys, you have to have the right bike. Jesse and I do not like bicycling enough to spend money on this sport, although she did buy some shorts and a shirt so that she will look good while riding. I told Toby that I liked golf better than bicycling, and I don’t like golf all that well. It could just be the summer heat. I have always been a fair weather sports person. When we lived in the mountains, I loved to ski, but I chose my days wisely. Just call me Mama Bear – I want my sports to not be too hot or too cold, but just right.

Bicycling brought back memories of cross-country skiing, which was not my favorite (I like downhill best). Due to Toby’s bad knees and ankles he did not downhill ski, but he loved cross-country skiing. The cross-country ski area in Red River was beautiful with groomed trails, with both forest and open meadows. Unfortunately, you started with an uphill trail. Every time we started uphill, I remember thinking, "I don’t really like this." But then you would get back in the meadows, maybe see deer or elk, drink a little wine, see some beautiful views, etc and I would think, "this is not so bad." Then you had a great downhill to the parking lot, which was always fun and made me think that I could do it again. With bicycling, I’m not sure that there is a good side or fun part.

At each bicycle shop there were young sales men who helped Toby with the bikes. Every one of the young men was skinny, nerdy, and seemed to have shaved his legs. I guess they were all serious about biking. Jesse and I were not impressed. I did not see any short fat people looking at bikes. I’m thinking this may not be my sport. Weight lifting may be my thing if we are going by body style. On the other hand, maybe bicyclists are skinny because they ride bikes. This could be my incentive.


Becky said...

I've never gotten into bicycling myself, either. Maybe it's because I didn't have a bicycle as a child except for one brief summer.

Bob said...

Bicycle seats -- obviously designed by and for Frenchmen!

Knit and fall back in it said...

I wish I was a cyclist. Sadly, I'm not.

Bag Blog said...

Bob, I have asked my husband to replace the bicycle seat with a tractor seat - I think it would be more comfy

Buck said...

Every one of the young men was skinny, nerdy, and seemed to have shaved his legs. I guess they were all serious about biking. Jesse and I were not impressed.

Are you saying your Gaydar went off, Big Time? In so many words, of course... And not that there's anything wrong with that... ;-)

I LOVE bikes. As long as they have motors... preferably over 500cc, but I'll do a 250 in a pinch. Off-road.

Jo Castillo said...

You are too funny!