Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today and Lake Fun

Last week when Mom had her little procedure, which I said went well, it did not go so well. I should have known when the nurse said "Your mother did well: she made it so easy" that my mother never makes things easy when it comes to hospitals. While I was with her in WF, things were fine, but later that night, she had a reaction to something and got sick. My brother took her to the emergency room (thanks Pete; I owe you) where they gave her a shot to settle her stomach. Since last Monday, she has been running a low-grade fever and not feeling well. But did she call and say anything? No. I only found out today that she has been sick all week. So, today I will go over and check up on her, roust her out, and prod her into being better. I don't understand medical stuff very well and I am not the most sympathetic person in the world (according to my family). If Mom was already taking an antibiotic, why would she be running a fever? If this was only a reaction to the procedure, why did it last all week? And why didn't she call me or her doctor?

Lake fun:
I mentioned our lake outing in yesterday's post. Here are some photos to tell the story. Our friends, Kristie and Scott, own the Hobie Cat. Kristie took these photos. Jesse also posted photos at her blog. Upon arriving at the lake, it began to rain. Then it poured. Then the sun came out. We just kept playing through it all. There were lots of photos of Jesse because she took over the job of skipper and gave everyone a ride. Many of the photos showed Jesse frowning or just very serious. This one looked like she might make Ruth walk the plank. Jesse was actually having a great time. Then there were the dog pictures. S an K brought three dogs, and we brought Ranger the rat terrier. Ranger is a mama's dog and is a bit weird when I am not around. Toby and I went out on the kayak and tried the kite (not enough wind). Ranger tried to swim after us, but he found an island of safety. Bo showed up late in the afternoon to take over being skipper. Both my children were Hobie Hogs.


Buck said...

I hope you find your Mom in good health and spirits today, Lou. Isn't it so ironic that as we age "the children become father to the man" or however that ol' saying goes... I hope your Mom gets better about keeping you "in the loop," too.

Nice pics!

Becky said...

Also hoping all goes well with your mom.

The picture of Ranger on his island cracked me up!

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Yeah, I'm no doctor, but I sure hope your mother gets to feeling much better!

Love the pictures, looks like a lot of fun. :D

RJ said...

Lou, I hope your mom is feeling better.

Bo showed up late in the afternoon to take over being skipper. Both my children were Hobie Hogs

As far as your kids being Hobie Hogs, mine were Kayak hogs. Thanks to you guys for letting them have fun.

Bag Blog said...

All, thanks for the well wishes for my mom. She was a bit better today, but still puny.

rj, your kids were great - not hogs at all.

Laurie said...

Your mom needs a good talking to.

Thanks for the pics, they made me smile after a stressful day.