Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday Toby drove to work and carried his bike in the back of the truck. He rode his bike home leaving his truck at work. The plan was for us to get up this morning and ride our bikes to his office and get his truck. We would then load the bikes and go have breakfast. The plan pretty much worked out, but Toby broke a spoke about two miles out. He walked his bike to Eastlands where we were thinking about having breakfast anyway. I rode my bike on to his office and picked up the truck meeting him back at Eastlands for a wonderful breakfast burrito. It was really a nice morning. At breakfast, he said, "That was really fun. Next time, I think we should ride home too." My response was "Why ruin a good thing?" He was confused by my response so I explained: we had just ridden about 12 miles, had a wonderful breakfast and felt really great. The trip home would be another 10 miles, and I would probably be sore and tired the rest of the day – why would I want to push myself that hard and probably hurt myself doing it? Gosh, he is just so gung-ho!

While we were in town we decided to check out the rental cars. You see, Jesse surprised us yesterday with five tickets to the Dallas Cowboy game tomorrow. Since another of her coworkers will be going with us, we needed a bigger, more comfy vehicle. Bo and Sara, me and Toby, and Adam and Jesse would all be traveling together to Big D for the game tomorrow afternoon. B&S found babysitters for the GGs. The only car rental place in Duncan was out of bigger vehicles. So I called my mom and asked her if she would mind donating her minivan to a good cause for one day. She was game – what a good mom. Toby and I drove to Wichita Falls, had his spoke fixed at the local bike store, and picked up the minivan from Mom. We also ran a few other errands. I thought it was a great day. Toby thought he should have mowed the lawn and gotten more done around the house. So he is out there in the dusk mowing. Go get ‘em tiger!

I’ll let you know how the game goes.


Bob said...

Toby's a better man than I. Our back yard is about ready for baling. (The Cowboy game will be a blow-out.)

Junk Diva said...

I think our husbands are long lost brothers!

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, such fun!

Hope the game is great. My son is so jealous that you are going to the game. Go Boys!

Fire Fox said...

What are you feeding that man? Can I get the recipe? I'm tired just "thinking" about a 12 mile bike ride! Although I've heard, once you get in the swing of exercising, your stamina and energy improve greatly.... sure could use some of that here!

Towanda said...

WOW! A pro football game! I am not a Cowboys fan, but getting to see a game in person sounds great..I hope you had a ball!..and we will be waiting to hear all about it!

Inquiries said...

My dad is in the chores chores chores mood too. Driving me crazy!

Becky said...

I was jealous, but since they lost, and as poorly as they played anyway, I'm over it. The jealousy, that is, not the loss. That will rankle for a long time.

Buck said...

Good on your Mom for solving the transportation problem. It's good to be connected, ain't it?

And... ya gotta love riding mowers with headlights... ;-)

Knit and fall back in it said...

12 miles is a great ride. You'll be making the that round trip before you know it!

I hope you had a great time at the football game.

Bag Blog said...

Diva, I am amazed that we can be long lost sisters and be married to long lost brothers.

Fire Fox, I'm looking forward to winter when the day is shorter and Toby does not expect as much from me.

Ashley, I'd say "lets trade", but I think I have the better deal - Toby does go off to work every day.

Buck, the new riding lawnmower is very nice. It really does cut the mowing time in half - pun intended.

Knit, if this bike riding helps me lose weight, I might could do the round trip, but why?

Becky, Bob, Jo, and Towanda, the game was fun, but a bit of a let down - thanks for the well wishes.