Monday, September 01, 2008

Keeping Up with the Leinz

We have been doing quite a bit of bicycle riding this last week – close to 50 miles this week alone. I drew the line this morning and said no to the early morning ride. I needed a moment alone to blog and to let my muscles recover a bit. Tuesday and Thursday we rode with our neighbors, the Leinz family (about 11 miles each day). I did okay on my mountain bike, but I was a bit draggy compared to their road bikes. I love my old Specialized Hard Rock mountain bike, but it is 20 years old - together we are just slow. Friday, I told Toby that if I was going to keep up with him and the Leinz’ family, I may have break down and get a road bike (get serious – make a commitment). He got that "oh goody, more toys" look in his eyes. Friday I looked on Ebay and Craig’s List, but did not see much. Saturday morning after our bike ride, Toby and I decided to go to OK City and look at bikes. For a bike to be comfortable (and that is very important for me) they must be fitted to the person. Who knew? I certainly did not know that before Toby started all this serious bicycling – kind of like ski boots - I thought they were suppose to hurt like the dickens. Our plan was to hit all of the bike stores and see what was out there and what would be best for me. We were not planning on buying a bike, but just getting fitted and then looking in cheaper places like Ebay and such. At the first bike store we came to, they had this wonderful little entry-level Fuji bike, radar blue, my size, with all the bells and whistles (as if I could blow and ring them) on sale. I test drove it and bought it. Yeah, I’m a brat! You might want to click for the larger picture so that you can see Count Rugen the six-toed cat under the car. If I had taken a wider shot, you would have seen Rita the Cow Dog making sure the cat did not come out from under the car.

Since we bought the first bike we came to, our OK City shopping plan was blown. We decided to eat at Ted’s (the best Mexican food in OK City) before heading home. Of course when we got home, we had to make another bike ride to see how the new bike would do on these Oklahoma hills were I live (Woody Guthrie song). The bike was great. I was a sweaty mess, but Toby said that I had been much faster (his bike has a speedometer).

Then Sunday morning, Toby wanted us to ride our bikes to church. It is really only about 8 miles, but I hated to look like a sweaty mess when I got to church, and said as much in my argument. Toby, being a man, did not understand this and begged (nagged) me into riding my new bike to church. The cat is out of the bag now. There were several astounded folks at the fellowship who saw me riding with Toby, although I ducked into the ladies restroom to freshen up and change out of my bike shorts. My hair was plastered to my head and my face was hot red. Not attractive! I’m sure Marsha D, who was in the restroom, thought I was going to die, and was very concerned. I assured her this was my typical look and that I felt great. It is difficult to do anything with my hair when it is wet with sweat, but I did my best and got to my seat in church just as the music started so that I did not have to explain my looks to anyone. At the end of church, my hair was dry and curly frizzy – thank you very much. And sure enough, I got that, "Was that you riding with Toby?!" No, that was not I. That was some other fat girl. I purposely frizzed my hair this morning, and my face is always this red. Later out in the parking lot, Mr. Leinz came over and oohed and aahed over my new bike. He thought it was perfect for me and looked forward to our future rides. Thanks, Bernie, you are always an encouragement.

You may have noticed that we did not make it to Lubbock this weekend - the plan fell through. Jesse has been in Austin this weekend with my mom. She text-messaged me that they were going to see "Ray Willie Hubbard." When I quit laughing at her spelling, I was quite jealous.


Becky said...

Congrats on the new bike! It looks great.

I can't believe you rode it to church! You go girl! Of course, I agree with you on the not wanting to look like a sweaty mess in church part.

I guess I'm old fashioned, but I think people ought to look nice when they go to church. These kids who come to church in cutoff jeans and flip flops ought to have been brought up better.

GUYK said...

Nice bike but it sure looks like too much work for a short winded fat man like me..

Course of Perfection said...

Shocks...pegs...Lucky!! Have you ever took it off any sweet jumps?

The Baggetts & the Leinz starting a biker gang...who would have thought?

Your bike stories are very impressive. I'm always impressed when anyone commits to any form of exercise. Keep up the goods, Lou.

Inquiries said...

I saw you all red and sweaty and thought Tony coned her into riding her bike to church. Brave brave woman. And you looked just fine! As always.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

you'll be ready for the velodrome in no time.

Inquiries said...

oops Toby. Typo. I don't think I read that. Geeze! Conned her.......

Bag Blog said...

Ashley, "Tony coned" was pretty funny. Of course, it raised an eyebrow on Toby. Before we got to your second comment, I told him they were just typos.

Guyk, not only am I an short winded, fat girl, I am short, too!

Becky, Different people dress different ways at our church depending on the circumstances. I did change out of my exercise shorts which are long shorts and into capris. I'm not fond of cut-offs and flip-flops, but they do not bother me as much as people who kick their shoes off. But then that bothers me where ever - not just church.

Piper, you know I don't do herds very well.

CoP, "Jumps?" Are you kidding? Just ask Bo if I jump well. Taught him everything I know. Bikers rock!

Buck said...

When I quit laughing at her spelling, I was quite jealous.

Ah... me, too! Sixth Street... (sigh)

So THAT'S what "radar blue" looks like! You'd think I'd know that, what with 16 years in the USAF radar biz, eh? ;-)

All y'all are made of sterner stuff than I. Or maybe just younger stuff. That's a possibility, too.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Radar blue is a joke around our house. After my dad retired, the last pick-up truck he bought was "radar blue" according to the salesman. It was PURPLE! My dad was so conservative that everyone was shocked - it stirred up lots of talk and giggles. My bike is just a deep blue with a touch of purple :)

inpassing said...

So that explains the red face. When I walked by you after the music started on the way to the back, I noticed your face was red...but of course, it wasn't the time to start up a conversation about it. I just assumed you'd gotten quite a sun burn.

We signed up for the Wellness Center to use their equipment. All of our doctors have been saying "exercise, exercise". You'd think they might have noticed we've put on a few pounds?!?! So I went for my assessment and to see what machines I should use and what exercises I should do, and would you believe they wouldn't let me start until I got a doctor's approval due to my health. Some days you just can't win for losin'!!

Knit and fall back in it said...

You go, sistah!!! That's a nice bike. You should be proud of yourself. So, have you noticed any positive side effects from all this bike riding yet?

Fire Fox said...

You've inspired me to go out and get a bike to ride Lou! When you come for your visit we will have to do the bike path on the cape cod canal. There is also a rail trail that's 28 miles long from Dennis to Wellfleet, but I'm sure I would need some time to build up my stamina for that one!

Bag Blog said...

FF, I'm glad you mentioned the rail trail. Now maybe I can talk Toby into going East.

Amy, so far, no positive side effects - darn it!

Inpassing, Didn't you just tell the folks at the wellness center that you are a doctor?

Buck said...

Buck, Radar blue is a joke around our house.

Ah. One of those "ya hadda be there" things, eh? Thanks for the explanation.